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Explosive document! The Romanian president receives a call to pardon Gregorian Bivolaru

Ring newspaper posted yesterday, July 28, 2016, a letter-appeal that reflects the opinion of one of the most competent researchers in the MISA case, professor Gabriel Andreescu. We thank Mr. Andreescu for the verticality he shows in the present situation, in which very few people preserve their dignity and courage to tell the truth in public about MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru. We welcome as well the brilliant initiative proposed by this letter-appeal, which you can read in the material given in full below, published by Ring:

Our editorial board has received a call-letter addressed to president Klaus Iohannis. The author is one of the best-known anticommunist dissident intellectuals. The call-letter urges the Romanian president to pardon Gregorian Bivolaru, the MISA leader, recently extradited from France. The letter was written by Gabriel Andreescu, one of Romania’s biggest anticommunist dissidents; from among his other works we mention the two volumes: “The repression of the yoga movement in the 80’s” (Polirom, 2008) and “MISA. The X-ray of a repression” (Polirom, 2013), as well as the APADOR-CH reports on the MISA case.

We present you here the Document-letter, dated July 26th, 2016. This document will surely trigger numerous reactions from the public opinion in Romania in the following days.

“To His Excellency, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania

Call to pardon Gregorian Bivolaru
addressed to His Excellency, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania

Dear Mister President,

I am writing you now a request to pardon Gregorian Bivolaru, Romanian citizen sentenced in 2013 by the HCCJ (High Court of Cassation and Justice) to 6 years of prison. Having obtained political asylum in Sweden, he has been caught in February this year in France, and brought to Romania in compliance with the extradition decision of the French judges from July 13th, 2016. The decision made by the HCCJ in a show-session has trespassed elementary fairness requirements and denies the fact that at the time of the declared offence: “sexual relationship with a minor”, she was 17, consent age, and she denied having had such a relationship. In 2015, the Bucharest Court has set that the interceptions used in the trial were illegal.

I address you this request as Gregorian Bivolaru and the adepts of the Movement created by him, MISA, are the victims of a large conspiracy involving public agents and institutions. The repressive action against Gregorian Bivolaru has started in the communist years, when he was arrested, tortured, sent to a psychiatric hospital because he was promoting yoga. The political police character of these acts has been recognised by the Bucharest Court in 2011. His repression, together with his adepts, went on after 1990 and took extreme shapes - including assaults of gendarmes troops accompanied by prosecutors and SRI (Romanian Information Service) officers, declared “barbarous” and based upon “absurd” accusations in 2015 by the Court of Appeal in Cluj. Even Gregorian Bivolaru’s arrest in France has been made by forging his sentence by the Romanian Police. “Sexual relationship with a minor” has been transformed, in order to engage the international authorities, into “sexual exploitation of minors and infantile pornography”.

The fact that the investigations against Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA, initiated more than 20 years ago, for which the state has spent millions of euros and in which hundreds of public agents have been involved, have led to the sentence for “sexual act with a 17-year-old minor”, and nothing else that could motivate such display of force, proves the exceptional nature of this case. The Prosecution, the SRI, the gendarmery, the Ministry of Justice, the Romanian Police have collaborated in order to manufacture “the Bivolaru file”. Meanwhile, for the actions against the victims in the Bivolaru - MISA case, the European Court of Human Rights has sentenced the Romanian state to pay over 300.000 euro in the causes Atudorei v. Romania (2015) and Amarandei and co. v. Romania (2016). Other complaints filed by Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA have been considered acceptable by the ECHR and their trial comes to an end.

Of course, there are many situations that raise question marks regarding the fairness of the researches and the decisions, or in which we discover painful human histories. I am fully aware that a president cannot be asked, as ultimate authority, to bring justice or to offer compassion in all of these cases. What is happening to Gregorian Bivolaru, however, reaches a critical point: the yoga teacher is the victim of a state conspiracy.

By virtue of his competence to “watch over the observation of the Constitution and over the good functioning of the public authorities” and to ensure “the mediation among the powers of the state, as well as between the state and society”, the president of Romania, using the prerogative of “granting individual pardon”, can lift a burden from the shoulders of the Romanian state. There is no way for the Romanian democracy to become honourable, therefore stable, as long as against all evidences, power institutions of the state act openly, under the eyes of the public opinion, that they lie to in order to mobilise it and to obtain its solidarity, in order to repress a yoga teacher and his adepts.

In the support of this pardon request, I mention that Gregorian Bivolaru’s physical integrity and life are in danger. For tens of years, instigations to lynch the yoga teacher have been made repeatedly, in collaboration with public agents, and the detention conditions can favour fatal aggressions. In May this year, a yogi has been stabbed at the entrance of a MISA building, in the perimeter of which it had been written, on the walls, “Death to Bivolaru”. In June, another yogi has been beaten to blood. The aggressors were blaming his association to Gregorian Bivolaru. The outbursts have followed the announcement made by the Romanian Police, forger and inciter, that the yoga teacher had been sentenced for “sexual exploitation of minors and infantile pornography”.

All these are reasons, mister president, for me to turn to you and ask that you pardon the Romanian citizen Gregorian Bivolaru, who has already spent about a year behind bars, in Sweden and in France, as a result of the steps taken by the Romanian authorities in connection to the HCCJ decision from 2013. It is, I know, a delicate decision and not popular at all, but so natural coming from a prime high dignitary, faithful to his calling to “watch upon the good functioning of the public authorities” and “the observance of the Constitution”.

Given the particular relevance of the Gregorian Bivolaru case for the Romanian society, I make this call for pardon public.

With consideration,
Gabriel Andreescu

(Author of the APADOR-CH reports on the MISA case)”
July 2016

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