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While visiting Romania, the brilliant researcher Mehran Tavakoli Keshe participated in an event organized by MISA Yoga School


Wednesday, March 22, 2017, MISA Yoga School organized an event in which the well-known researcher of Iranian origin, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, has been invited.

Nuclear physics engineer, Mr. Keshe developed various projects regarding new solutions for the major problems that the humanity confronts, such as: hunger, water scarcity, generating electricity in an ecological way, climate change and health issues, suggesting, in order to solve all of these, the use of plasma reactors, which will offer to the humanity inclusively the freedom of space travel.

This is the second visit of Mr. Keshe to Romania, the first one being 28 years ago, after the fall of the communist regime in our country.

Here are few images from the event, caught by Costică Cojocaru.

You can read more about the activity of the Iranian scientist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe in the series of articles THE AMAZING REVOLUTIONARY KESHE TECHNOLOGY.

March 23, 2017