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Smartphones Are Much More Dangerous For Our Eyes Than We Used To Believe

Overexposure to smartphone screens or computers, especially in children, creates a high risk of developing a dry eye syndrome, a South-Korean research indicates.

Researchers from the University Hospital Chung-Ang in South Korea point out that an increased use of video displays, like smartphone or computer screens, especially in children, can be linked with the onset of Xerophthalmia, a syndrome in which the eye fails to produce tears.

Tears are necessary for eye lubrication, nutrition and maintaining optimal eye health. Additionally, they also lower the risk of infection and wash out foreign bodies from the eye.

We tested 916 children, the tests included bio-microscopic examinations as well. The questionnaire given to the children and parents contained questions regarding the use of video-displays, outdoor activities, studying…” the researchers explain.

The participants were divided into two groups, 630 children from urban areas and 286 from rural areas. A total of 8,3% of the urban group children had a dry eye syndrome, compared to 2,8% from the rural group. The level of smartphone usage in the urban group was 61,3%, compared to 51% in the rural group, the researchers stated.

In the study published in BMC Opthalmology the researchers said that we need to be cautious and monitor how much our children use smartphones, because overexposure to them can have dangerous consequences.
May 13, 2017

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