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The Anticancer Property of Baking Soda: Can It Be Used to Cure Cancer?


Dr. Tulio Simoncini is famous for his cure for cancer. He said: “Cancer is a fungus called Candida albicans, and it can be treated with sodium bicarbonate solution.” He is an Italian oncologist in Rome that came to conclusion that all kinds of cancer are fed by candida albicans. This fungus is the root of almost all diseases. In many researches conducted on cancer patients, it is proved that cancer and tumors are made of candida.

Simoncini’s cancer treatment is the simplest of all: Sodium bicarbonate. He says that cancer and tumors thrive in acidic environment. So to put an end to their comfort we should alkalize the body so that they shrink and stop multiplying. Keep in mind, this is a natural remedy for cancer.


First – Individuals with high acidity in their body are related to bad health and cancer.
Second – Individuals with less acidity and more alkaline pH level are able to fight cancer more vigorously.

Sodium bicarbonate alkalizes your body fast. People who are known to have a hard time digesting take sodium bicarbonate. It is an antacid that is a main ingredient in many over the counter medicines. It is very cheap and can be easily purchased in any food shop or pharmacy.

Third – The friendly bacteria in your gut control 85 % of your immune system. They are responsible for releasing biotin, B-12, folic acid, vitamin K by digesting your food. They also generate the compound sodium biturate which destroys or makes cancerous cells auto destruct. The friendly bacteria will not be as friendly if the pH level the body (intestine) is acidic.

Forth – The friendly bacteria work at night too. They digest large quantities of microorganisms that have been taken from food during day time. The best thing about friendly bacteria is that they feed on yeast or fungus, like candida. These best friends of ours are the number one fighters against yeast infestation.

How does candida cause cancer?

This fungus called Candida has the ability to break out of the intestine and get into the blood stream. It is practically everywhere in the body and outside on the skin as well. It is placed around the outer membranes of the cells, stopping receptor cites from performing.

Oregano oil and cinnamon are great at fighting candida. 25 % of type 2- diabetes patients showed to improve after using cinnamon. Candida releases toxins and high amounts of sugar, therefore diabetic and cancer patients suffer more or can’t make it compared to the others with normal sugar level. It is known that sugar generates acidity and acidity is a good environment for candida to thrive in.

Candida and yeasts or fungus are anaerobes. They do not need oxygen. By entering the blood stream, Candida can colonize certain areas in the body and cause oxygen level reduction. Now, candida being the best food for cancer blocks oxygen from reaching the cells thus making the cells alternate from aerobes to anaerobes. Meaning that they will produce energy for the cancerous cells which is not based in oxygen. From all this it is clear that Oxygen is a strong anti-cancer fighter. It is Otto Warburg, the Nobel Prize winner in 1931 that told the world that Oxygen kills cancerous cells.

It is obvious that people who often take antibiotics in their life are at risk of getting cancer. Antibiotics make the unfriendly bacteria and candida grow fast while weakening the immune system in the gut by ruining the friendly bacteria. So women that have taken antibiotics more than 25 times in their lives are at risk of developing breast cancer. This was concluded in a research conducted by Cancer Watch.

Doctor Simoncini knew all this very well. He proved that yeast thrive in acidic environment. Candida is yeast or fungus and cancer is fed by Candida. Sodium bicarbonate is the best natural alkalizing product. So if you destroy the acidic environment, Candida can’t survive and cancer cells will die. It is the discovery of the century that he gave to the world. Of course he was imprisoned in Italy. The cheap cure was not in favor of the drug industry.


July 6, 2017


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