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An Oncologist Claims That This Juice Kills Cancer Cells, Treats The Heart, But Also Helps In Cases of Gastritis, Diabetes and Liver Problems



Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.
This recipe can be very easy to prepare, does not cost almost anything, and it can really help!

You might wonder why someone would want to drink potato juice, but not always everything has to have good flavor. The majority of things that are the healthiest don’t taste good.

Potato juice isn’t tasty, but it sure is very healthy and is even included in the medical Brey diet.

It alkalizes the body

Potato juice can help you establish the balance of acids in your body, which is especially important for us because most of the diets nowadays cause a lot of acids.

It helps against gout

It reduces the level of uric acid and therefore it helps against gout.

It has anti-inflammatory action

Potato juice can help you against arthritis and other forms of inflammatory processes, especially in the joints and back. It also stimulates the circulation in the whole body.

It cleans the liver

It can also be used for detoxification diets, but it can also facilitate the functioning of the liver and the gallbladder if there are problems. In this case, drink a cup of this juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

It helps in the treatment of gastritis and ulcer

It is advisable to consume a spoonful of potato juice diluted in average amount of water one hour before breakfast, lunch or dinner.


It is very simple to realize the process healing with this juice. Wash and peel several potatoes and make sure you eliminate all their green parts and sprouts. Cut them into pieces and put them on some cloth so that you can squeeze out the juice (you can also use a squeezer).

Drink this freshly squeezed juice. If you do not like the flavor, mix it with some lemon, carrot and honey.


July 25, 2017


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