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Richard Gere’s tips for healthier and happier life!

The famous Hollywood actor Richard Gere has been engaged in the search for happiness as a way of fighting internal storms and finding balance. The Pretty Woman star and Golden Globe winner was a student of philosophy before becoming an actor, which led him to discover Buddhism. Gere has devoted his life to meditation and is a well-known activist for human rights. He has defined the conquest of happiness as a daily struggle in which you have to use your heart and mind.

Here are his tips for healthier and happier life:

- Forget about your age – after all, it’s just a number;

- Improve the relationships with people around you and you will improve the quality of your “skin”;

- Wake up with a smile on your face every day;

- Have fun in what you do;

- Eat a healthy diet, try not to overeat and balance the proteins, carbs and fats;

- Stay physically active – walk, run or practice some sport every day;

- Try to see every obstacle in your life as a lesson which will make you stronger going forward;

- Be grateful for what you have;

- Learn something new every day to keep your brain sharp;

- Express yourself and listen to others. Open up new channels of communication and learn how to use new technologies;

- Practice art – if you need to, find a teacher who will help you express yourself;

- Avoid toxic and negative people;

- Open your heart and stay true to yourself;

- Do something different and good every day – take a different path home and try to enter in new places;

- Don’t limit yourself in the way you dress, the decoration of your home or music – enjoy something new and beneficial every day;

- Find some positive news every day and share it with someone you love;

- Practice kindness and detachment, and learn how to receive;

- Judge less, or even better, don’t judge at all;

- Live each moment to the fullest.

July 29, 2017


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