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These Powerful Art Illustrations Show How Backwards Society Really Is


Great artists are always messengers of Truth. They may not speak through verbal language, or even the written word. But through their personal creativity, they are able to communicate deeper thoughts, and feelings, that conventional language often times cannot. And they do this in such a way that their chosen form of expression comes to be known invariably as Art.

With that said, here is a collection of some of the most brilliant modern day art around.

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

The illusion of choice…

Artist unknown

Feed me!

Artist credit: John Holcroft

Athletes have turned into walking advertisements

Artist credit: Luis Quiles

It’s all about business

Artist credit: John Holcroft

Stuck in your own bubble

Artist credit: John Holcroft

Biggest liars on the planet

Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński


Artist credit: Pokket Mowse

Choose your own path in life or society will choose one for you

Artist credit: Luis Quiles

There is no water crisis, there is only a crisis of greed and apathy

Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyńskii

Slavery comes in many forms

Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

Stop looking for temporary solutions and quick fixes to your problems. You only have so many opportunities to escape your circumstances in life

Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

There is nothing glorious or praiseworthy about war, except the day it ceases to exist

Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.”

Artist unknown

A politicians promise will eventually end up in the gutter

Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński

If you don’t shape your own mind, the system will gladly do it for you

Artist credit: Steve Cutts

We are born innocent. We are polluted by advice.” – Henry David Thoreau

Artist credit: Unknown

What an ignorant society thinks freedom is

Artist credit: Steve Cutts


September 22, 2017

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