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Successfully Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain with This Simple 10-Minutes Method


The longest nerve in the entire human body is also known as the sciatic nerve. It’s located at the back of the legs, starting from the buttocks, going down the length of the legs and ending in the feet.

Inflammation of the nerve triggers a severe and intolerable pain that extends from below the knee above to the area of the ribs and even in the back.
Furthermore, the intensity of the pain mainly depends on the reason behind it as well as the individual, but it is never enjoyable. However, there are various things you can do in order to alleviate the nerve pain.

While prescribed medications often provide a quick fix, they only treat the symptoms and not the roots of the condition. On the other hand, there are natural solutions, remedies, and exercises that can address the roots of the problem.

Since the sciatic nerve pain can be traumatizing, it can alter your daily motion and life in general. In brief, the pain manifests as a feeling of heavy legs, tingling, or numbness and can interfere with movements and sitting. Thereby, providing a relief of pressure and inflammation in the nerves as well as preventing sciatic nerve pain altogether is the solution.

For all people with sciatic nerve pain, here is a rather natural solution that will only take up 10 minutes of your time.

The benefits of it vary, depending on which stage your condition already is, and it is imperative that you follow the steps carefully.

The 10-Minutes Bedtime Treatment

- Pour 10 liters of hot enough to touch water into a bucket;
- Add a handful of salt and 1 liter of apple cider vinegar;
- Stir it until the salt dissolves completely;
- Place your feet in the bucket and leave them there until the water starts to cool down;
- Take your feet out and dry them;
- Go to bed making sure your feet stay warm during the whole night.

You can use a blanket as an extra sheet to cover them. When you wake up in the morning, don’t stand or walk on the ground barefoot. Make sure you are wearing socks, and preferably your slippers too.

You should be able to feel the pain relief even from the first treatment. If necessary, repeat the treatment every day, until the pain disappears completely.


October 6, 2017


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