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Five Things That Happen to Your Body When You Give Up Sugar

Quitting sugar isn’t easy. Research shows that it can be even more addicting than cocaine! But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to detox from the sweet stuff. Read on for tips to cut sugar out of your diet, plus incentives to skip the dessert. Sugar has been linked to obesity, inflammation, type 2 diabetes, cancer, infertility, dementia and acne, so it is worth the effort to make the diet change.

Here are some of the benefits you may experience within a month of sugar detox.

1. You’ll become more energetic.

Sugar gives you an energy boost. But that boost only lasts a few minutes. Then it’s followed by low energy and increased cravings. This effect is caused by a sudden blood sugar spike, which is followed by a sudden blood sugar drop.
Once you replace sugary foods with nutrient-dense foods, your blood sugar levels will be balanced. This will result in more energy and stamina.

2. You’ll lose more weight.

Sugar is empty calories. It gives your body energy with no nutrients.
Your total calorie intake will reduce once you detox from sugar. Plus, you won’t experience blood sugar crashes which increase hunger.

3. You’ll have fewer cravings.

Consuming sugar increases sugar cravings and appetite, research shows. When you eat sugar, insulin spikes and then crashes, causing increased sugar cravings. Additionally, sugar puts leptin and ghrelin (hunger and appetite hormones) out of whack.

A sugar detox will keep your hormones and insulin levels balanced. As a result, you will crave desserts less and less.

4. You may notice a better complexion.

Sugar has been linked to acne and inflammation. Research shows that inflammation ages the skin faster and causes different skin conditions.
You may notice changes like clear skin and less wrinkles within two weeks.

5. You’ll experience less pain.

Inflammation has been linked to chronic pain. Sugar detox will reduce inflammation and consequently reduce chronic pain. In fact, it’s common for people with chronic pain to experience more pain when they eat sugar.

How to detox from sugar

Eat high-protein breakfast. Researchers say that eating eggs and other high protein foods for breakfast can reduce sugar cravings. Eating adequate amounts of protein will also help keep your hormones balanced.

Eat healthy fats. Healthy fats like avocado and fatty fish will keep you full and keep blood sugar levels balanced.

Substitute processed carbs for complex carbs. Most processed carbs have added sugar. So replace them with healthier alternatives like pumpkins, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa.

Remove all sugary foods from the house. Research shows that seeing junk food can trigger cravings, so get those cookies and cakes out of the house!

Don’t drink calories. Sodas and fresh juice are worse than solid food, since they’re quickly absorbed into the body.

Practice total abstinence. Moderation rarely works when detoxing from sugar. Eating one cookie can trigger you to eat the whole box. Stay away from all sugary foods.

October 19, 2017


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