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What Parents Should Know About EMFs and Wi-Fi (2)


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The following information is important to know and was generated by independent AMI Smart Meter researchers in California. The findings are based upon what they found investigating an Itron AMI Smart Meter output measurements: RF/EMF readings drop from 8,000 to 15,000 microwatts per square meter at 2 to 3 feet away from the meter, and down to 300 microwatts per square meter, or less, at ten feet away. That information indicates the importance of putting distance between you and an AMI Smart Meter and the use of shielding, if you cannot keep an analog meter.

An analog meter is one that has 5 clock-like dials and a disk that spins. There is an AMR Meter electric companies started installing in the 1980s which reads your usage and sends it to the utility to provide a billing, and no meter reader comes around to read your meter. The Automatic Meter Reader (remote meter reading) meter looks very similar to an AMI Smart Meter both are digital in design. The AMR can send information only one way and does not send dirty electricity pulses onto your house wires every 15 seconds or so looking for appliances to hook up with, monitor, surveil and report back to whomever.

Proper and correct shielding methods can be taken, but you have to do your research to see what will work for you and your family.
California researchers they report a reading below 10 microwatts per meter squared to be safe except for the most electromagnetically-sensitive individuals, a category which many ASD children unfortunately fall into. Having no AMI Smart Meter exposure is the safest of all.

Furthermore, those researchers state the most important achievement for shielding against EMFs/RFs is not to have microbursts of radio waves with a few hundred microwatts per meter squared pulsing into your sleeping areas day and night every ten to fifteen seconds, which AMI Smart Meters pulse.
Please remember you never want to sleep with the head of your bed against the wall near or against the electric AMI Smart Meter wall because of the inevitable magnetic field exposure all AMI Smart Meters emit within four feet in all directions.

People living in apartment complexes or condominiums need to check out where the AMI Smart Meter “banks” are located, usually dozens of meters on one wall area, exponentially increasing the EMF/RF outputs. Stay away from them!

Here are some quick references to make note of:
A. The Smart Meter Guard is a fine wire mesh that encircles the smart meter on sides and front that is grounded to the metal box upon which the smart meter is mounted.
B. Less EMF is an EMF shielding business whose phone number is 888-537-7363 (in the US). They can provide information how to shield your indoor living and work space from a smart meter.
C. Safe Living Technologies is a retailer of shielding fabrics to protect against sources of RF. The company is run by an engineer and building biologist, Rob Metzinger. Their phone number is 519-240-8735 (in the US).
D. Use plug-in shut off switches, available online or at some local hardware stores.
E. If you turn off the electric breakers to your bedrooms, make certain you have battery-operated smoke detectors installed in each bedroom.
F. Shielding also can be achieved by using Finemet and Cobaltex fabric from Less EMF (see B above) to create a safe room, such as a bedroom or sleeping area. That may be particularly helpful in apartment buildings where high frequency transient voltage comes from circuits in walls.
G. If you can, it is best to invest in what’s called an electrosmog meter, a device which gives readings in your home for appliances and AMI Smart Meters.
H. Here are the names of the top ten names of vendors to the “Smart Grid”:
- ABB;
- eMeter;
- IBM;
- Itron;
- Landis+Gyer;
- SEL;
- Siemens;
- SilverSpring Networks.

The very large AMI Smart Meters manufacturers include:
- Itron, the largest manufacturer of smart meters in the world;
- Elster Group;
- General Electric;
- Landis + Gyr (Swiss based firm);
- Schieder Electric.

The most common symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, per Richard Mankiewicz, are:
- A warm or burning sensation in the face somewhat like feeling sunburnt;
- A tingling or prickling sensation across the face or other parts of the body;
- Extreme dryness of mucous membranes such as the back of the throat and eyes;
- A swelling of the mucous membranes such as nose, throat, ears and sinuses without any infectious cause;
- Problems with concentration, loss of memory and dizziness;
- A feeling of impending influenza (flu) that somehow never quite breaks out;
- Headaches and nausea;
- Teeth and jaw pains;
- Aches and pains in muscles and joints;
- Cardiac palpitations.
If these do occur, it’s time to get real medical help from a healthcare practitioner who is familiar with and will factor in the possibility of EHS.

Here’s a suggestion to consider: Have a qualified electrician install a circuit breaking wall switch for each bedroom of your home so that at night while you sleep, the hot wires to your outlets that surround your room are shut off. This way you’re not sleeping within what is known as a dirty electrical circuit field that fluctuates above 60 cycles. That type of spike disturbance keeps human life and frequency patterns off kilter.

Causes Of Dirty Electricity

Here are some of the common sources of dirty electricity:
- Light dimmer switches;
- Computers and laptops that plug in;
- Printers and scanners;
- Fluorescent lights and tubes (CFLs);
- Solar power installations;
- Televisions;
- Music Entertainment Systems;
- Video game consoles;
- Cordless phones;
- Microwave Ovens;
- Smart meters and smart appliances;
- Wi-Fi routers and modems;
- Battery chargers for cell phones, etc;
- Blenders and mixers;
- Hair Dryers;
- Multi-Speed Fans.

Dirty electricity can be measured by using a GS or Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter.
Using a Microsurge meter and installing a collection of Stetzerizer Filters is a means by which your electricity can be rendered “safer”.

A registered radiologic technologist says: “Why are these companies allowed to affix radiation emitting devices to our homes, which expose peeps 24/7 with non-ionizing radiation, which by the way is probably way more damaging because of the radiation being on the ‘low level side’ on the radiation spectrum... these add way up and above, highly, regulated, radiation exposures.”

Unfortunately, that’s what we have to deal with because of our addictions to microwave-run technologies and gadgets, plus an apparent regulatory disregard for non-thermal radiation science documenting numerous health harms.


January 19, 2018


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