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Planetary victory of Godly Good is even closer!

In this way, the destruction in air of a nuclear missile was possible – missile that ratters of Deep State sent to the US state of Hawaii on January 13, 2018, in a desperate gesture that most likely represents a vendetta for the firm, stronger and stronger actions of the Trump Government aimed at eliminating the satanic elite.


Yogaesoteric Editorial Staff

Was a Nuclear Missile Attack on the US State of Hawaii Thwarted by a Secret Space Program?

Written by Michael Salla on January 17, 2018

On Saturday morning January 13, residents of the Hawaiian islands received an emergency alert on their mobile phones that warned of an incoming ballistic missile and instructed everyone to urgently take cover. Residents near Honolulu – the expected ground zero of a nuclear attack – fled for their lives to more remote areas of Oahu, which is at a considerable distance, and they were even expecting the worst.

This is what appeared on peoples’ cell phones at 8:07 am local Hawaii time:


Then after 38 minutes of sheer terror for many all over the Hawaiian islands, residents were notified by the emergency alert system that it was all in fact a false alarm.


Someone had pressed the wrong button, according to local State authorities. Residents were supposed to be reassured only by the thought that the responsible individual would be reassigned. An inquiry has been launched by the Hawaii Governor David Ige.

Mainstream media coverage has exclusively focused on Hawaii State authorities explaining that the problem was one person pressing the wrong button. According to an official timeline of events, U.S. Pacific Command notified Hawaii State authorities that there was no missile launch, at 8:10 am.

Local authorities subsequently attempted to inform the public via a number of means that the ballistic missile alert was actually a false alarm. But it was only at 8:45 am, 38 minutes after the initial alert, that a second emergency alert was sent over the Public Alert and Warning System announcing the mistake.

Was the long delay between warning and the warning retraction received by Hawaii residents simply the unprecedented foul up of an emergency alert sent by State authorities, or was something else going on?

My wife and I have lived on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2004, and during our time here there have been a steady number of emergency alerts issued for hurricanes, tsunamis, flash flooding, and lava flows. Sirens regularly wail at the start of the month to test the emergency alert system for these kinds of events, and more recently for a possible nuclear missile attack from North Korea.

The regular occurrence of destructive events and their consequences in the region have led to an emergency alert system that currently is second to none when it comes to providing timely and accurate information to Hawaii residents in potentially life threatening circumstances.

Moreover, we regularly receive emergency alert updates after the initial event described in an emergency alert. Exactly for this reason, the explanation that it took 38 minutes to issue an update to the initial false alarm is very hard to believe.

The chances that the ballistic missile alert was a mistake by one person even further strains credulity of this hypothesis. One writer points out more details on how the system is designed to prevent this precise mistake:

There is no ‘button’that could be accidentally hit. There are five fail safe procedures in the Hawaiian Emergency Alert Management System , the last being a two key system such as are present in US missile silos and on US nuclear missile submarines. Therefore, there are two keys, eight feet apart, requiring two different individuals to simultaneously and positively trigger the alert.

This is why it is good to consider alternative media reports of an intercepted nuclear missile attack, since they raise another scenario that better fits the sequence of events on that Saturday morning.

The first alternative news report appeared on theOperation Disclosure blogsite on January 13. It was headed RV/Intelligence Report (report on secret operations and “RV”, i.e. re-valuation [of national currencies against the new gold standard]) and it announced the following:

Missile launches were detected in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii, which were to be launched onto the islands. The launches originated from the anomaly detected yesterday, Jan. 12. The missiles were immediately intercepted and destroyed. The anomaly was revealed to be a nuclear stealth submarine. It was located and destroyed shortly after the attempted attack.”

On January 16, another author came out saying that the Hawaii event was connected to an attack with a nuclear missile that was intercepted and stopped. After explaining how the emergency alert system is designed to prevent the kind of human error claimed by state authorities, she wrote:

There was a missile. Probably fired from a submarine under the control of individuals loyal to the Deep State, possibly Israeli or German. The missile was not fired from North Korea and it had nothing to do with North Korean forces. Anyway, the missile was intercepted. Then the cover-up began.”

[Update, January 17, 2018] An additional alternative news media source corroborating key aspects of the thwarted missile attack against Hawaii is veteran journalist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dave Janda. He commented in a radio interview about what a “Deep Level source” – who has never been wrong over the years he has known him – had told him about the Hawaii missile incident:

What this source told me – and again I repeat that I’ve never found this source to be wrong over the years – was that there was actually a missile fired. The missile was brought down by the United States antimissile program. It was a submarine based missile and… it was from a Chinese submarine… operated by a renegade faction within the Chinese military. They fired this missile, and then the Chinese Navy, supportive of Xi Jinping [current President of China] then took out that submarine.”

If the above scenario actually happened then it makes sense that an alert was generated after the initial missile launch. Then, once the missile had been intercepted, local and federal authorities were informed immediately, only three minutes later.

The additional 35 minutes was probably due to the “short time” it took to find and take out the missile launch system, likely a submarine, to prevent another missile launch. The “all clear” was then given to issue the additional emergency alert to Hawaii residents while covering up the nuclear attack and take down.

What adds credibility to this alternative scenario are photos of a number of UFOs seen over Hawaii 31 minutes after the second emergency alert. The photos show unidentified flying objects that display an advanced technology that may be craft belonging to a USAF run Secret Space Program that has possibly broken away from Deep State control.

Another explanation is that the craft were extraterrestrial in origin and following a decades-long policy of secretly intervening to forestall nuclear weapons incidents, as contended by the author of photos, Solaris Modalis, who provided the photos’ genesis.


While extraterrestrial intervention is possible, it is more likely that the highly advanced state of a USAF-run Secret Space Program was all that was needed to intervene to thwart the intended false flag attack. In either case, the photos may explain how the incoming ballistic missile was shot down.

If our alternative scenario is correct, this raises a number of critical “who”, “why” and “where” questions. As to the “who” question, both alternative news sources refer to a stealth submarine with ballistic nuclear weapons technology.

Clearly this could only have been achieved by a nation or entity in control of submarines equipped with nuclear ballistic weapons. The Deep State is referred to in the reports as the most likely culprit, possibly using a nation state proxy to be able to pin the blame on North Korea in a “false flag” event.

As to the “why” question, a possible answer lies in the December 21 Executive Order passed by President Trump to freeze the financial assets of all involved in human rights abuses and corruption in the US and around the world. By cutting off the “life blood” of major Deep State actors and proxy groups, the U.S. Military – that is the real power behind the Trump Presidency – has declared financial war against the Deep State.

Furthermore, alternative news reports of Guantanamo Bay military prison being expanded in late December 2017, to host Deep State VIPs detained and sent there by U.S. Special Forces, may have also been a catalyst for the Deep State to react.

It’s very possible that the Deep State responded to these recent developments by launching a nuclear weapons attack against Hawaii, which hosts the largest concentration of U.S. military assets anywhere in the world. If so, it is fortunate that the attack was thwarted and the culprits taken out, most likely by antigravity spacecraft belonging to a Secret Space Program.

This raises the question of whether there might be future “false flag” attacks by Deep State assets to initiate major regional conflagration and a possible World War III. Such a possibility was alluded to by the anonymous whistleblower Q Anon, who posted a cryptic warning on January 14 that implied the Hawaii event was one of a major false flag events.


On January 16, a New York Times report referred to another false alarm, this time in Japan, where residents were warned by a major TV broadcaster to take shelter from an incoming ballistic missile:

Japan’s public broadcaster on Tuesday accidentally sent news alerts that North Korea had launched a missile and that citizens should take shelter immediately – just days after the government of Hawaii had sent a similar warning to its citizens.

Could the Hawaii and Japan false alarms be the first two attempts at major “false flag” events orchestrated by the Deep State that have been thwarted by the U.S. military and its extraterrestrial allies?

It’s also possible that what really happened on January 13 (and January 16, in Japan), including the mainstream media explanation of human error, may have been intended as a threat to the U.S. military and Trump Administration to step back immediately from the financial war and the extraction of Deep State VIPs taken to Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay military prison).

It’s hard to imagine the U.S. military and Trump backing down after their initiatives in late December 2017, especially if there really was a missile attack against Hawaii. The possibility of potential “false flag” military attacks orchestrated by the Deep State gives powerful incentive to government authorities to cover up what really happened on the morning of January 13, and possibly also to Japan on January 16.

The possible involvement of a Secret Space Program, most likely acting alone or with extraterrestrial assistance, in thwarting “false flag” attacks on Hawaii and/or Japan provides confidence that future false flag attacks using conventional military technologies are completely unlikely to succeed.

January 28, 2018


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