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Here Is How to Detoxify Your Entire Body Effectively!


Foot detox helps flush toxins out of the body through the feet. It is an ancient Asian healing method, which is based on the theory of reflexology that foot meridians are connected to other parts of the human body. As a result of this, you can actually get rid of your inner toxins as well as detoxify your body by taking foot detox baths.

Here Is How to Detoxify Your Entire Body

Ionic Foot Bath

Taking ionic foot bath helps eliminate toxins from your body. The only thing you should do is use salt as an excellent astringent that has anti-inflammatory properties, and warm water in order to open your pores.

In case the water becomes dark, this suggests that the detoxification process has been successful. Here are also a few recipes for this foot detox bath you may want to try.

Clay Detox Bath

•Half a cup of Epsom salt
•Half a cup of bentonite clay
•A couple of drops of your favorite essential oil.

Put the Epsom salt and essential oil in hot water. Then, allow them to dissolve. Mix the bentonite clay with some water. Make sure you don’t use metal while doing this step. Next, add the clay in the hot tub and then soak for twenty minutes. Taking this detox bath will help detoxify your entire body as well as help increase your magnesium levels.

Oxygen Detox Bath

•1 tablespoon of ginger powder (dried)
•2 cups of hydrogen peroxide

Put the hydrogen peroxide and dried ginger powder in a tub containing hot water. Soak in the bath for about 30 minutes. Not only this bath helps detoxify your body, but it can also make your skin smooth and flawless and soothe irritations and allergies.

Salt Detox Bath

•2 cups of baking soda
•1 cup of Epsom salt
•1 cup of sea salt
•Some apple cider vinegar
•A couple of drops of your favorite essential oil.

Put the baking soda in a tub containing boiling water and then allow it to dissolve. Then, add some apple cider vinegar. Afterwards, add the essential oil and salt and then soak in the bath for 30 minutes. You may feel exhausted or weak after the bath, which means that your body has been detoxified effectively. This salt detox bath will detoxify your body, alleviate skin irritation, and increase your magnesium levels.

Foot Detox Pads

You can use foot detox pads to detoxify your body. Simply put the foot detox pads before bedtime. The next morning, remove them. In case they are dark, this indicates that your body has been detoxified effectively. These detox pads are available in each health store.


March 4, 2018


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