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> Google’s Jigsaw: Undermining Alternative Media
In this premier episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo you can find out about Google’s Jigsaw, an emerging technology that will be used on the internet to counter speech and ideas considered “extremist” by the global elite. Google and its...

> Thousands protested TTIP, CETA deals in France, Poland, & Spain as EU vote looms closer
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris, Warsaw, and Madrid, urging their governments to reject the TTIP and CETA free-trade agreements with the US and Canada. Some 7,000 people demonstrated in the Polish capital of Warsaw on October 15, 2016, RIA Novosti reported.Expressing...

> Hundreds arrested in Chinaʼs criminal vaccine scandal
The list of Chinese food and medicine disasters continues to grow, this time involving the illegal sale of vaccines. As reported by Chinese press recently, more than two dozen additional suspects have been arrested by authoriti

> The nationʼs largest group of pediatricians warns parents against needlessly exposing children to cell phones due to a new government study...
...linking cell phone radiation to cancer Following a study from May 2016 that linked wireless radiation to deadly heart and br

> Media Scoundrels Suppress Reality in Syria
Virtually all print and electronic scoundrel media reports on Syria turn truth on its head – some of the worst rubbish in memory, scandalous by any standard. Facts never interfere with daily propaganda – US administration and Pentagon press agent journalism,...

> Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration
  On November 8th, 2016, Americans handed the U.S. presidency to a racist, xenophobic, authoritarian, climate-science-denying, misogynistic, revenge-obsessed ego-maniac — and with it control over a vast and all-too-unaccountable in

> How a Misinformed Tweet Was Manufactured into Major Right-Wing News
  A BuzzFeed News analysis found that the top 20 fake political news stories in circulation during the election got more clicks, views, shares and reactions on Facebook than the top 20 real news stories. The vast majority of those fake stories – all but three...

> Trump won’t prosecute Hillary: politics in the Matrix
 “If Donald Trump can help her [Hillary] heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing to do.”—Kellyanne Conway, former Trump campaign manager Donald Trump achieved two great things in his presidential campaign: he stopped Hillary Clinton from occupying the...

> Trump beats the media and the establishment in pulling off the greatest upset ever
Donald Trump, the real estate mogul mocked and minimized by the media and political establishment, has stunned the world with a death-defying campaign that has captured the presidency.

> Is It Already Too Late To Consider The Ethics Of Mind Control Technology?
  There seems to be a troubling uptick around “ethics” recently within scientific circles that are focusing on robotics, artificial intelligence, and brain research. It’s troubling because embedded wit

> Five Urgent Warnings from Big Banks that the «Economy Has Gone Suicidal»
  The economy has gone suicidal.It is working against the very people who need its energy to survive. It is collapsing on its own weight and the weight of literally incalculable levels of toxic debt. And it is going to create the greatest disaster of our time, if the warnings from...

> Coincidence? Bankers, Doctors, and Dozens of Scientists Have Been Dying Mysteriously
  You may remember a while back there was a spate of news articles about high-level bankers and bank employees committing suicide. Conspiracy theories were

> The Controlled Demolition of Deutsche Bank And Financial Collapse Of Europe
Deutsche Bank: The Lehman Brothers of 2016 The September 15th collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 was a perfectly controlled demolition

> The FBI has quietly gathered 400,000 iris scans
The FBI has quietly been collecting iris scans from 434,000 people over the last three years during a “pilot program” involving multiple police departments, the Pentagon and U.S. border patrol, according to a report published on July, 12 2016 on The Verge.The project, which was...

> Architect of the New World Order is Giving up on America’s Empire
    Foreign policy lunatic, architect of the ‘New World Order’, and personal mentor to Barack Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski, appears to have abandoned his lifelong dream of a comple

> The Crash of the Millennium: A Controlled Demolition That Can Be Averted
  Will the October Surprise of 2016 Come Early or Late?   Those who operate at the very

> Electromagnetic Fields and Their Effects
  Can you see and feel its effects in the air? Of course you can, but you don’t know how to identify it correctly! It’s all around us like an ocean of electromagnetic frequencies that we are swimming in, which are pulsed out from many more sources than we can begin to imagine...

> New Bacteria Genus: «Frackibacter» Identified in Shale Fracking Wells
  Besides homeowners’ well water capable of burning as a result of fracking, as seen in the short video below, something previously unknown to science has been di

  The final editing of this text was made by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru Read the first part of the article Who is in reality engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, specialist in nuclear physics, who is said to have shaken the present structure of the society to its f

  The final editing of this text was made by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru An important message from yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru THIS SERIES OF ARTICLES REGARDING THE BRILLIANT DISCOVERIES OF MEHRAN TAVAKOLI KESHE HAS A GREAT IMPORTANCE FOR US ALL, AS YOU...

> The Dragon Snake - A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery
by Marius Boirayon This former RAAF engineer's startling experiences, along with his knowledge of the Solomon Islanders' long history of encounters with strange aerial craft and alien beings, sparked him to search for hidden UFO bases.   We had not long

> CHEMTRAILS - Covert Climate Control?
by William Thomas Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 8, Number 6 (October-November 2001) Under the banner of some top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems...

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> Refined Sugar - The Sweetest Poison of All
By William Dufty Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 7, Number 1 (December 1999 - January 2000).   A multitude of common physical and mental ailments are strongly linked to the consuming of 'pure', refined sugar.   Why sugar is toxic to the body

> The Essentials of Enzyme Nutrition Therapy
by Mark Rojek Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 6 (October-November 2003)   Food enzymes in raw food are vital for digesting that

> The Schumann Resonances and Human Psychobiology
By Richard Alan Miller and Iona Miller   Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 3 (April-May 2003) Our brain waves share and are attuned to certain frequencies of the Schumann's resonances, the ELF signals that pulsate between the Earth's crust and ionosphere. ...

> Death by doctoring (1)
by Steven Ransom Extracted from his bookGreat News on Cancer in the 21st Century(Credence, 2002)          'In summoning even the wisest of physicians to our aid, it is probable that he is relying upon a scientific 'truth', the error...

> Death by doctoring (2)
by Steven Ransom Extracted from his bookGreat News on Cancer in the 21st Century(Credence, 2002)   Read here the first part of this article Reputation is everything  

> Death by doctoring (3)
by Steven RansomExtracted from his bookGreat News on Cancer in the 21st Century(Credence, 2002) Read the first and the second part of this articleThe Importance of Nutrition