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Doctor Says Bill Gates ‘Refuses to Vaccinate His Own Children’

Billionaire’s former family doctor says Gates’ children don’t get vaccines

Bill Gates won’t let doctors vaccinate his own children. Bill Gates’ former private family doctor says the billionaire Microsoft founder and vaccine proponent “refuses to vaccinate his own children”. The physician explains that Gates wouldn’t let any of his children receive vaccinations when they were younger.

I do not know if he had them vaccinated when they grew up, but I know he point-blank chose not to vaccinate them as children”, the physician stated at a behind-closed-doors medical seminar in Seattle, adding: “They were beautiful kids, truly wise and lively, and he stated they would be fine as they were; they didn’t need any shots”. The remarks triggered a stir among physicians at the seminar, with claims he was breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, according to reports. However, as he was talking to other physicians, he was not breaking the market standard procedure.

Gates has three children with his wife Melinda – Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe – born between 1996 and 2002, and according to his former family doctor, they are all unvaccinated and healthy.

The news that Bill Gates does not immunize his own children, regardless of being the world’s most active advocate for obligatory vaccinations, ought to come as no surprise. Studies prove that the “elite” does not immunize their kids. However, at the same time, they campaign for the masses to have their children immunized.

In California, the children more than likely to be unvaccinated are white and originate from the wealthiest families in Los Angeles, according to a recent study. The percentage of kindergartners with state-issued personal belief exemptions doubled from 2007 to 2013, from 1.54% to 3.06%. That’s about 17,000 of the wealthiest children, out of over half a million, pulling out of receiving vaccination.

The highest vaccine exception percentages were in mainly-white, high-income areas such as Orange County, Santa Barbara and parts of the Bay Area, according to CNN. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health, looked at more than 6,200 California schools and found vaccine exemptions were two times as typical among kindergartners attending private academies. “Very abundant and privileged moms and dads like the idea of mass-immunization”. However, they wish to avoid the risks associated with vaccinations when it comes to their own children. “They are worried about negative side effects, including autism”, the reports show.


July 6, 2018

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