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Preliminary information
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> What does neuroscience says about the amorous desire
  by Aida Călin   Depending on the circumstances, the condition we are in a certain moment or the loved one we come in contact with, the sexual response may be different from one period to another. A touch, a kiss or a hug

> THE MYSTIC LADY – Testimonies of a man filled with aspiration who was initiated by a tantric mistress
The worshipping of the female triangle of SHAKTI  by Brajamadhava Bhattacharya This excerpt was taken from the novel “THE MYSTIC LADY – The testimonies of a man filled with aspiration who was initiated by a tantric mistress” by Brajamadhava...

> No longer make excessive efforts!
de profesor yoga Gregorian Bivolaru   The vast majority of human beings, lead almost every day, their lives from one effort to another, most often people being driven by futile ambitions and being increasingl

> Visual arts and eroticism
By Alex Ionescu “… beauty is not a need, but an ecstasy, it is not a thirsting mouth, nor an empty hand stretched forth, But rather a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted. It is not the

> Be as open as you may to the energy of the erotic ecstasy!
by yoga teacher Gergorian Bivolaru As each of us could realize, the life means mysterious subtle energies, flows, PRANA, dynamism and movement. As long as each of us are able to move, are dynamic and fit we can say that we are living and that the mysterious subtle energy of life exists...

> During your loving relationships pursue knowing each other with frenzy and adoration
Yoga Professor, Gregorian Bivolaru Any loving relationship, any love relationship, based on transfiguration and sexual continence is at the same time a gorgeous extraordinary journey, where each of the lovers carry in their luggage,...

> Everything about oriental eroticism
When the mind is silent, the ecstasy begins   By Aida Calin   You know the art of seduction. You have no inhibitions. You like to explore the hot universe of passion. However, the great secret of the mystical orgasm is revealed to you by tantra: total surrender.   ...

> Tantra Invites You to Explore the Deepest Microcosm of Your Being
The tantric route resembles a brave journey which leads us through unknown and very interesting regions inside our being. In these areas, so close and in the same time so far away, ecstatic adventures through the “jungles”, “oceans” and “deserts” of our psyche await us. In recent years,...

> The Spiritual Approach of Tantra
Though lately it is much spoken and written about Tantra, just a few really knew what does it mean. Tantra is an oriental spiritual system that has as main purpose the unification of the contraries at the all levels of the human being. In Tantra the men and the woman are seen as...

> The demystification of the taboos in sexuality
The sexuality taboos inhibit the joy of exploring it. Many of us unconsciously are by the power of habits, the slaves of some wrong attitudes towards sex. Unless the effort to change this, there are very little chances to reshape our erotic life.

THE "GLORIOUS ANDROGYNAL STATE” by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru The primordial androgyne is an image of reunification of the polar opposite, complementary and even contradictory elements of the hu