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> 20 October – Gregorian Bivolaru: GOD will spread over you new breath of courage, firmness and love!
My dearest, thanks to GOD, what we all have asked for is accomplished and GOD made our prayers true. Let’s thank GOD most of all for His grace and enjoy this from the bottom of our hearts!My release testifies that in desperate situations, when injustice and malice seem to win the game, if GOD...

> Yogaesoteric exclusively discloses the unfolding of the trial in Stockholm
Last week the Supreme Court of Justice in Stockholm has ruled on the extradition request submitted by the Romanian authorities against Gregorian Bivolaru. It’s been for the first time since the beginning of this farce that the defence evidence was taken into...

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> The outcome of a corrupted justice: millions euros damages to cover more than 22,000 complaints lodged at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
An article by Anca Munteanu “The Romanian justice is corrupted” or “The Romanian justice is under political order” – this sounds quite familiar from media, TV or sound bites. Besides statements, there are too many arguments to support this. To set an example, the records of the...

> Some of the Romanian authorities records in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru
An article by Maria Nicola Gregorian Bivolaru is the first Romanian citizen to be given a warrant for his arrest, and then worldwide searched by the Interpol for an alleged crime of sexual intercourse with minor. A minor who was about to turn 18 and who denies the alleged...

> Coincidence, zeal excess or intimidation? During yogi's meetings always something else happens
An article by Maria Nicola Protest meeting day. On Friday, June 17, 2005, hundreds of yogis participate in a rally in front of Cotroceni Palace, the Romanian presidency headquarter. They look for justice at the gate of “the president of all Romanians”. We’ll see which the results will be...

> What have the Romanians missed, stricken by the «MISA smoke»?
The “smoky bomb” MISA launched in March 2004 was meant to hide a tremendous fact: the former government stuff dealing a network of children traffic! An article by Maria Nicola and Nicolae Marin The Romanian authorities started on March 18, 2004 “the largest action

> Press Review Highlights Mason Messages Conveyed via Media Columns
The rejection of the extradition request for Gregorian Bivolaru – top of the week news by Anca Munteanu   

> They fight naked against the war
Who are the initiators of the 22 December 2006 event? by Mihai Vasilescu   The organisers of the Global orgasm event, which suggest to all humans on the planet to make love on the winter solstice, are Donna Sheehan (76 years) and Paul Reffell (55 years)

> Will You Go for a YOGA Match?
The international Regulation for the YOGA competitions, as stated by the Sportive Yoga International Federation by Maria Nicola Before reading this column, please go carefully throug

> The European crisis, sovereign debt and the euro
by Mihaela Gheorghiu   Europe and the United States are today facing a chiasmic debt, the fruit of more than 30 years of financial orgies and mis-management. Because "democracies" with their eyes staring at electoral agendas, are n

> Fighting for water
By 2030, two thirds of the world will no longer have access to drinking water. This is a problem that we face together, regardless of location. When you start treating water as a commodity and the price of water depends on supply and demand, our whole water will get controlled...

> 2012 – The year of the Apocalypse or of Salvation? (I)
  By Gregorian Bivolaru   The transformations that have already begun and are going to occur in an accelerated and often surprising manner, will ineluctably lead to the Great Crossing which will be primed du

> A lucid outlook over our own life
Leisure and spiritual awakening   by Alexandru Haris Motto: "Poirot, " I said. "I have been thinking.""An admirable exercise my friend. Continue it."(Agatha Christie, Peril at End House)   2013: how does it look like a day in the life of an allegedly...

> The unexpected occurrence of a UFO above the Bremen airport
by Mihai Vasilescu   In early January of the year 2014, Bremen airport was the scene of a mysterious and surprising appearance of a UFO that stopped the air traffic for two hours. Bremen, an important industrial city in Ger

> Hitler’s pact with the devil was real
  An unique document can be found amongst the specialists studying the mysteries of Adolf Hitler’s fantastic ascension, inexplicable from almost every perspective.

> The furious anti-sect propaganda, between disinformation and mystification
    Motto: „The only measure of the spirit revealing in our inner universe is its complete freedom.” In the acerbic and inveterate fight against the YOGA schools and spiritual groups, the notion of sect always plays a key...

> The MISA Case Delivers Another Slap on the Face of Romanian Justice (part II)
CEDO sanctions Romania for the severe abuse of a yoga practitioner! by Decebal Avramescu Read the first part of this article here. After being kidnapped by her

> The MISA Case Delivers Another Slap on the Face of Romanian Justice (part I)
CEDO sanctions Romania for the severe abuse of a yoga practitioner! by Decebal Avramescu Some days ago, the European Court of Human Rights (CEDO) ordered Romania to pay 15 600 euros in moral fines to a yoga practitioner from MISA yoga school....

> The city of Paris is once again the scene of some eccentricities bearing the name of art
  by George Preda At the end of October, an open air art exhibition was launched in Paris, with the name of “Hors les murs” (in other words, “Outside of the walls”). The theme of the exhibition is winter and its holidays. Right...

> The statistics of organ donors. A typical case of manipulation that should get all of us thinking
   by Angela Anghel The decisions we take in different situations are not based on objective criteria, nor on a measured judgment, but they are influenced by the manner in which the problem is presented to us. The way in which a question is addressed...

> L’affrontement des titans : propagande, manipulation, l’humanité au seuil d’une « guerre totale »

> The golden number - the Fibonacci sequence - the Golden ratio in the human body
  Golden ratio in the human body

  The final editing of this text was made by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru Read the first part of the article