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Letters from Users
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> Thoughts at the beginning of new Eve
  motto: Heaven Can't Wait   In light of the heavenly revelations that we have all learned, understood and felt, some of us, that the instruments of evil who used to do harm on this planet for thousands and thousands of years, have been banished with a destination unknown...

> Gandhi's mirror
They say that had someone asked Gandhi about the factors that destroy a human being, he would have answered: "Politics without principles, pleasure without commitment, wealth without work, business without morals, science without humanity and prayer without charity." 

> I decided to pass the threshold, but I hardly managed
A gossip show on TV made me curious and I arrived on your website, not to find possible faults, but to tell you something, a brief experience that I had at the age of 21 years old.    I was in session, very, very tire

> Shocking revelations of a secret service employee regarding the involvement of authorities in the campaign against MISA
"MISA case: a stallion born of a mosquito, and that invented!" We offer below an authentic and shocking document: a letter of intelligence service worker who decided to break the silence, making revelations from inside, regarding the way they have operated in MISA case,...

> Fascinating Experience During the Yoga Class
My dear friends and colleagues During the past yoga year I have enjoyed a series of spiritual experiences that for me have been very special as intensity, mystery and beauty. I feel a humble desire to share some of these with you and by doing so to offer a modest something in return for...

> The Treasure of Treasures
by Maxim Hongell Once upon a time there was a very clever and greedy thief. It was said that he was one of the best thieves in the world. He had stolen treasures from tightly secured castles, he had broken into the most safe treasurechests and he had found ancient treasures from...