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European Yoga Federation First Congress, through the journalists’ glasses

Yoga, the fastest way to reach peace

“If you want respect, give respect. If you want happiness, give happiness. If you want peace, give peace. But you first have to know what this peace is. Yoga is in my opinion the fastest way to reach peace in the world”. This is what Swami Suryananda, the President of the European Yoga Federation, said in the press conference opening the first Congress of the Federation, held in Bucharest on 11-13 November. 
Journalists, camera operators, photographers gathered full of curiosity to the press conference of the MISA Yoga School. After the presentation of the events and short definition of the Yoga system, the journalists were eager to know more particularly about Gregorian Bivolaru. The journalists rushed to find out whether Gregorian Bivolaru was going to take part to this Congress. “Is this going to be a drawback that he is not here?” Simona Trandafir, the MISA representative explained that his absence is no impediment. “Just like you all have dear friends or you feel your friends close to you no matter what you are doing, Gregorian Bivolaru is always close to us” she said.  “The conference is taking place at the Students House of Culture, is it because you want to attract more student followers?” another journalist was quite curious to know. Although he was rather aggressive in voicing his question, Swami Suryananda evinced deep kindness in answering. “We are not doing this in order to attract people. If people come to us is because they are looking to reach some inner state of peace. It is not like us to support proselytism,” he said.
Some of the conference subjects even seemed interesting to the media representatives. “What about the seminar on the spiritual couple, regarding the Shiva-Shakti relationship? What is it going to be there?” one of the reporters asked. The answer was straight and hindered any speculations: “There is going to be nothing provocative here, at this Congress”, Suryananda explained. The journalist would have rather heard from Simona Trandafir or Mihai Stoian, the NATHA leader that the spiral was spiritually meant to obtain the political asylum for Gregorian Bivolaru in Sweden. “Is it true that such spirals can have a positive impact upon particular events? Does this spiral have a specific aim?” he asked. As Simona Trandafir answered that the spiral meditation will sample the main theme of the Congress, which is “Unity in Diversity” and any prayer may have positive impact upon any evens, as a rule, the reporter for ProTV mumbled unsatisfied: “I see, you want Bivolaru to get the asylum…” Anyway he was invited to take part to this spiral he or any other media representative that may please. At the end of the conference, Mihai and Adina Stoian had interviews for several TVs that wanted details about Gregorian Bivolaru, since they have been the closest persons to him of late.

Anca Munteanu
11 November