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1st Congress of the European Yoga Federation – Day 2 – a great success

Anca Munteanu

„Many yogis on this planet have tried to unify the world. Not only did we try to do this – but we also succeeded.” That was Riehl Andre’s conclusion, the French guest at the 1st Congress of the European Yoga Federation, in the end of the second day of this manifestation.

Yesterday, the Conference room of the Students’ Hall was full. More than 1,500 people attended the lectures on the schedule of the yoga federation Congress, as well as the artistic performance at the end of the day. The lectures of Swami Suryananda, the president of the European Yoga Federation, were highly successful. He charmed everyone in the room with his words. Swami Dileepji, an Indian now living in the USA, the representative of the International Yoga Federation at the United Nations, also had a similar effect with his conference. 

Unlike Suryananda – her father, Indian dancer Surya, who presented an Indian dance seminar, made everyone in the room dance with her.

However the performance at the end of the day was the cherry on top of the sundae. Surya, a young 19 year old Italian, who has been dancing for 15 years, made everyone in the room travel around India, with her dances.

Next, the Sophrozin Theatre presented the story of two twin souls searching for each other along life and various civilizations, all these within a performance called „Divine Game of Life”.

What surprised us most however was the guests’ reaction at the end of this performance. Each on his turn, they stood up and shared their feelings. „I am so happy that my happiness goes beyond the walls of this room,” Suryananda was the first to say. „Being here was the best thing for everyone. Although we came in order to support our brothers in times of sorrow, we are the ones to leave this place, much happier. I embrace you all and let you know we shall return soon,” the president of the European Yoga Federation said, with a lot of excitement. „Practice yoga and dance”. That was Dileepji Kumar’s message for the Romanians.

Yogahiraj Habib, a Tunisian now living in Spain – merry and playful like a child – started to imitate the belly-dancers and then spoke about the spirituality of this dance. One by one, almost all guests expressed their impressions. „What I understood  tonight is the importance of unity”, Surya confessed, overwhelmed with the moment’s energy. The evening ended with a meditation of communion with the spiritual mentor of the MISA Yoga School, Gregorian Bivolaru.

November 13, 2005

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