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A Great Accomplishement of MISA Yoga School: First Congress of European Yoga Federation

  by Anca Munteanu 

There is no wonder to last more than three days. The European Yoga Federation Congress is closed now. The EYF President Survananda Saraswati announced in the end of the Congress that Gregorian Bivolaru, the spiritual head of MISA had been elected full member for life of the International Yoga Council, the highest board of the International Yoga Federation. Once the Romanian Yoga School was world wide acknowledged, the file of Gregorian Bivolaru will be on the table of the General Secretary of UN, Kofi Annan and the whole international community will be informed about the yogis discrimination.

At an objective eye, these are the basic facts in short of the EYF first Congress organised by MISA Yoga School in Bucharest on 11-13 November.

In order to point out what these days exactly meant to the MISA yogis, you have to go beyond words. After long time to have felt the public opprobrium, for stating one’s sympathy for yoga, after the founder of this yoga school had to leave the country because of the abuses and the framing he was subject to, now they finally felt proud for being a yogi. Tears of happiness filled the eyes of the audience in the Pipera room, on Sunday night. One could feel that everybody in the room was thrilled with the same enlivening light. For people have really been with each other. We have been together with those enabled to assess our real light.

”I m one single stone, you are the river”

The last day of the congress, the audience crowded to hear the lecture of Adina and Mihai Stoian, the representative of the NATHA in Denmark, about the couple relationship on a spiritual way. Gabriela Ambarus, MISA vice-president talked about the yang spiral, to introduce the final point in the congress programme that unfolded at the Pipera hall.

The closing festivity of the Congress brought a surprise. Suryananda had a call to the president of the IYF, Swami Maitreyananda Saraswati. Everybody in the room could hear the conversation. “I am one single stone, you are the river”, Maitreyananda said. He also thanked the congress organisers and particularly the spiritual leader of MISA, Gregorian Bivolaru.  Simona Trandafir, the coordinator of the yoga courses in Romania invited Maitreyananda to visit our country. Not only did he accept the invitation and did he promise he would come next year, but he confessed he was going to see Grieg and he would even go to Sweden if necessary. An interesting detail to put down, the real name of Maitreyananda is Griego and his close friends call him Grieg. Before leaving for the Pipera hall, where the spiral took place, the guests performed an Indian purifying ritual by the fire energy and they had a meditation to express their gratitude to God.

The Students’ House of Culture was overcrowded during the three days of the congress. “That was really great, just like the yoga camp we have in Herculane and Costinesti every year”, were D.D.’s words, one of the participants, attending the second year yoga course in Brasov. “It was really a lot to learn about”, A.L., a young man sitting next to her added. There have been tens of persons working together to set everything perfect. “That was really exhausting, but it was worth, by far. It’s only now that I have understood the real spiritual meaning of what we are taught at this yoga course. I am surprised with this happiness of being together, for I have realized the connection between us. We are a force!” were the words of M.D. the one who has been hosting the guests during three days.

The International Yoga Federation UN representative shouted MISA! MISA!

The conference ended with a yang spiral, MISA innovation. The yogis came to the Pipera hall together with several TV reporter teams. Being in the room where the meditation was held, the guests could attend a MISA yoga course, just before the spiral. After 30 minutes meditation in a spiral twisted by the zodiac signs sequence, the guests took the floor one by one. “Although I initially thought I came here to teach you things, now I do know that, I am the one to have learnt”, Suryananda said. A discourse to mesmerise the audience was Yoghiraj Habib BA’s, a Tunisian now living in Spain. “When I came to Romania, I only knew two things about this country: Dracula and Mircea Eliade. When I go back home, I am going to say to my friends that I have seen no Dracula here, but I met lots of Mircea Eliade instead. I have been quite happy here”, he said in laughers.

Hundreds of yogis were listening to the Board. A special atmosphere was emerging into the room. There was joy shining on everybody’s faces. The audience stood up and shouted MISA! MISA! After listening to the IYF representative to the UN, Dileepji Kumar. “Next week I am going to meet the UN general secretary, Koffi Annan and I’ll expose to him the situation of the yogis in Romania. It’s the moment now for all the yogis in the world to stay together” he announced. Dileepji also said he appreciates the fight of the MISA Yoga School and he said that we no longer are alone in the battle field from now on. During the applause he started to shout MISA! MISA! raising up hundreds of yogis.

“My best greetings to the best yogis I have ever met!”

After all the pain the Romanian yogis have been through, the words of the yogi world leaders brimming with admiration were like a miraculous balm.

There were tears of happiness twinkling in people’s eyes when Sri
Vijayanand greeted “the best yogis” he had met since the last 20 years across the 50 countries he had been visiting. Born in India, Vijayanand is now living in Hungary. “Twice a year I go home to Rishikesh, a spiritual centre of the world, to fill up with energy. There is no use to go that far away from now on, I am going to come here, to Romania”, he concluded in deep sincerity.

After his speech, the ProTV reporter and operator attending the meeting, stood up and started recording. Swami Mahalayananda, from Finland talked about the MISA yogis, after the tough times they had been through, sampling what Grieg used to say: “What doesn’t kill us make us stronger”. Then ProTV started live broadcasting of the event. Millions of people watching at the moment could therefore see how Mahalayananda praised the organisers of the congress: “I haven’t seen a better organising, by this congress, Romania joined the international map of yoga” he concluded. The words touched the souls of the audience that has been applauding for minutes. Suryananda considered that was the best time to announce the evening surprise: ”Grieg has been elected life member with full rights in the Council of the International Yoga Federation”. The audience stood up and gave frantic applause. People wouldn’t know what to do, whether cry or laugh with happiness. Huge energy covered everybody there. The atmosphere was so much exhilarating that the TV reporter himself swept a tear dropping on his face.

“What we accomplished here is Grieg’s work in our souls”

Suryananda announced that Gabriela Ambarus is elected a member of the IYF Council, together with two other Romanian yogis. When she was asked to take the floor, her eyes were filled with tears. “We have been through lots of difficulties along with my beloved master, so that I may have a normal reaction now”, she said before bursting to tears. “All that has been accomplished is Grieg’s work in our souls”.

Then the group of guests were blessed, after they were given explanation about what the Art of Blessing is. After the audience had been asking God to spread his grace upon the guests by means of them, Dileepji Kumar bowed to thank everybody. Suryanadnda introduced “a Romanian councillor”, who was very eager to close the meeting. That actually was Habib, the Spanish born in Tunis, who confessed he was feeling more and more Romanian. “When I came to Romania I knew nothing about Gregorian Bivolaru or MISA. But I saw his picture on the walls of the hall and I asked who that is, I was told that was Grieg, your master. Then his face appeared to me in a meditation, my eyes closed. I felt him as an extraordinary elevated soul. He gave me a message for all of you. Be happy, do not be sad! Grieg wishes you to be happy, for he is happy to have such disciples like you”, he said. The congress ended the way it had started, under Suryananda’s urge for everybody to hug each other.

The international acknowledgement of MISA Yoga School no longer is deniable. Gregorian Bivolaru is life member of the highest board of the International Yoga Federation. Yoga masters, successors of different spiritual traditions are exclusively elected here. The MISA leader stands for an exception, for he was the only living master acknowledged as the founder of a spiritual line. . 

16 November, 2005