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> Gabriel ANDREESCU: The campaign against MISA has the character of the communist campaigns in the 40's
I suggest to separate the "Gregorian Bivolaru" subject from the MISA case. I met Gregorian Bivolaru in the middle 70's. I had practiced Hatha Yoga with him at the Student's Club near the Politehnica for 2 years. I have even visited him at his home several times. There you could find yoga literature,...

> Internationalizing the Bivolaru Case
  The news that Gregorian Bivolaru had been taken in custody by the Swedish Police reached us on Tuesday. Bivolaru, spiritual leader of MISA, had been caught by the Interpol and retained by the Malmö Police while he was visiting the Immigration Office. Bivolaru had lodged an application for...

> The Swedish Papers can fairly and correctly report on Gregorian Bivolaru
But… the Romanian media simply miss it “Romania still is a country in the third world, imbued with a totalitarian mentality and protected by gendarmes trained as in the old communist times. Moreover the Ceausescu frame is still there” This is Romania in the eyes of a Swedish...

> A Clear-sighted Australian is sharing his perceptions about…M.I.S.A. and the events we are facing
An article by George Preda A wise saying goes that whenever we face a problem it’s good to imagine it as if from a distance. Particularly when we deal with an existential problem that is quite serious the results can be incredible. The Yoga School M.I.S.A. is currently facing a very difficult...

> AN ACT OF SOLIDARITY: the 90-91 AVMR’s open letter to the Minister of Home Affairs and Administration, Mr. Vasile Blaga
THE ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE VICTIMS OF MINERS’ ACTIONS’ FROM 1990-1991 (AVMR)  Str. Batistei, nr.11, sect.2, Bucuresti, Romania, tel/fax:  April

> Intellectuals at cleft when showing sympathy to the victim
The cultural span in the Bivolaru caseThe „ALTITUDINI. CULTURĂ & SOCIETATE” magazine,First year, 1st issue, March 2006Page 48 - column “Ultima pagină” By GABRIEL ANDREESCU What may an intellectual feel when he finds out some of the ideas of Gregorian Bivolaru and his Yoga School, The...