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In the night between Tuesday 24th May - Wednesday 25th May,

FROM 1.35 –  9.35

(Romanian Time, GMT +2)




Plenary and profound lovemaking, based on transfiguration and sexual continence, will be performed with the loved one; aiming, at the same time, to experience in unison and in an ineffable and delightful way, the state of Mystery that characterizes the ETERNAL FEMININE that is present (in a latent state) in each woman. This will also be produced due to the gradual awakening and dynamisation of an intense state of adoration which will be remotely induced and supported by Grieg through a secret, beneficial, subtle field of force. This he will manifest by attuning and maintaining his inner universe in a constant state of OCCULT RESONANCE with the secret sphere of force of the GREAT COSMIC POWER, KALI.

Important! We underline the fact that each couple involved in this exemplification will participate in this love game at home and in complete privacy. The couples of women who are open to perform, between themselves, love games with transfiguration and sexual continence, can also participate in this love game with paranormal impulse.

TRANSFIGURATION OF THE LOVER. An inspired point of view, which is, at  the same time, a starting base for every man that is able to intuit and understand this revelation

Due to the natural, completely exceptional gift, which GOD THE FATHER offered them from birth, every single woman is able to perform spontaneously, easily, love games, within which she succeeds to practice SEXUAL CONTINENCE e almost instinctively.

Due to these innate abilities, that clearly differentiate them from men, most women reach the state of orgasm much later then men almost every time.

This is because, from the moment of engaging in sexual-lovemaking (from the foreplay), the woman begins to perform spontaneously (sometimes without even realizing the way she succeeds to do it) SEXUAL CONTINENCE, even when she does not know anything about it.

Because of the fact that women tend to practice SEXUAL CONTINENCE spontaneously and unconsciously, most of them reach the state of orgasm after at least 30-45 minutes. Due to this innate ability, many vital, harmonious and sensual women are spontaneously able to live intense and profound states of MULTIPLE ORGASM, without any discharge. They do this naturally, even when they do not know anything about the existence of SEXUAL CONTINENCE.

Due to the gradual development of the process of transmutation of the sexual potential into energy, they thus perform spontaneously the SEXUAL CONTINENCE. This explains why women (with no exception) have great need for the existence of ample, intense, considerable and adequate FOREPLAY before any sexual experience.

Due to certain inborn abilities, which are often manifested in the same spontaneous and intuitive way, many vital, harmonious and very sensual women are easily able to experience overwhelming states of orgasm. While easily staying on the peak and in the centre of such beatific states, extremely intense, without losing control or discharging at all.

They can perform all of this with surprising ease, even without proper training.

Especially, due to these extremely exceptional abilities which exist, with almost no exception in all women, performing SEXUAL CONTINENCE is something extremely easy and natural for any vital, harmonious and sensual woman.

Due to these very special abilities, each woman – almost with no exception – can start practicing SEXUAL CONTINENCE very well only a few hours after discovering its existence.

With very rare exceptions, this phenomenon is not found in the case of men. To truly become able to perform SEXUAL CONTINENCE, a virile and strong man, in most cases, needs at least 7-9 month of consistent training; this is absolutely unnecessary in the case of women.

While a virile and strong man must train every day, for a considerable period of time, and make sustained efforts in order to practice SEXUAL CONTINENCE well, any vital, harmonious and sensual women always has, at her disposal, this wonderful, inborn capacity. This is why she just has to want to exert it to her own benefit, in a very pleasant and easy way.

Considering these aspects, it can be said, that if the WOMAN is compared to the man, from this point of view (the inborn ability, in her case, to perform easily and naturally SEXUAL CONTINENCE), she is obviously much superior to the MAN.

Knowing and appreciating these completely exceptional, inborn abilities for their proper value, the GREAT WISE MEN, from the millenary tradition of Tantra, admired and adored her properly, as Shakti (the beneficial overwhelming feminine power of Nature): most often considering her AN IMPORTANT INITIATING BEING.

All the aspects revealed here can help men to intuit, understand and appreciate, for its proper value, THE FASCINATING MYSTERY THAT EACH WOMAN LIVES AND MANIFESTS WHEN SHE BECOMES AWARE OF IT.

This point of view can help all women tremendously in knowing and understanding themselves, at the core of their being. At the same time, it gives them some important reasons to be extremely self-confident and to trust the exceptional and latent abilities that each one of them has.


We offer you a meaningful story to better understand this revelation

The spiritual master pointed out to one very beautiful and vital woman, who was complaining about her destiny:
-          You should realize that through all that you think and do in the moment of here and now, in the present, you and only you are the one who makes the destiny you have. That which you sow so shall you reap.
The woman answered:
-          I already realized that I am not responsible for the fact I was born a woman in this existence.
The Master said:

-          The fact that you were born as a woman in this existence does not represent a destiny for you. It is a fatality. But be aware that it is not a coincidence, but a secret necessity. Also, you should realize that both the shape of your body, as well as the characteristics of the face you were given, show without a doubt, in your case, the existence of certain secret necessities that you must awaken and manifest. The shape of each body of a human being is, in fact, an expression of necessity. The destiny refers to the way you understand and accept your condition as a woman; to everything you are doing in each moment in order to be as fulfilled, happy and harmonious as possible, always giving love and aiming to discover God, which is hidden in your being, as soon as possible.

In light of these revelations, women can appreciate, for its true value, each amorous fusion, based on mutual love, respect and transfiguration, with a vira (spiritual hero), who practices sexual continence very well; who awakens and dynamises, in a very pleasant way, these latent abilities that exist in each one. The fact that in certain special conditions, women can experience secret states of MULTIPLE ORGASM, spontaneously, without discharge is obvious proof of this exceptional gift that each one has from birth.

Considering these initiating aspects, intuitive and intelligent women can better understand the possibilities, which are often unexpected and, according to the secret teachings of Tantra, offered by lovemaking relationships between women, when these relationships are based on mutual love and spontaneous erotic attraction.

Beyond the prejudices that constantly exist due to ignorance, in the secret teachings of Tantra, it is said that two women who love each other, and who are erotically attracted to one another, can transfigure each other. In this way, they can awaken together, very easily, their latent abilities, which allows them to practice LOVEMAKING WITH CONTINENCE very well from the beginning,. At the same time, due to their mutual love and transfiguration, each one of the two lovers becomes, in a VERY PLEASANT way, amazingly similar to the other. They exhibit similarities with regard to the qualities, talents and exceptional abilities that each one of them already has. This secret and fast process of transformation and complex, mutual dynamisation extends even to the mutual awakening (through the influence they have on each other in that moment) of astrological resonances (characteristic to the zodiac sign of each one of them). At the same time, in that moment is produced an awakening of the specific NITYA of one of them into the other. Also, in this respect, a gram of practice is worth tones of theory.



In the case of frantic love, manifested endlessly, and of intense adoration and admiration, this secret process of BECOMING, through which the one who loves becomes amazingly similar to the being that he/she loves, is extremely accelerated. All these wonders (inaccessible to those who do not love at all) are easily possible, due to the mysterious energy of love that comes from God in waves. It is important to realise that the subtle, miraculous and endless energy of love that comes from God the Father is only waiting to be attracted, BY LIVING TOTALLY AND MANIFESTING IN OUR INNER UNIVERSE THE STATE OF LOVE!!

This is why the wise men said that when love becomes endless and manifests in and through our being, everything that before seemed impossible easily becomes possible.

As soon as the subtle energy of love, that comes from God, is attracted to our inner Universe, by triggering a specific process of occult resonance, it is filtered, each time, in a certain way inside the MICROCOSM of our being. ANALOGICALLY SPEAKING, this secret process of “filtering” is somehow similar to the way in which THE UNIQUE LIGHT OF THE SUN is filtered, when it enters through the MULTICOLORED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS of a CATHEDRAL.

CONSIDER THE FACT THAT IN EACH INDIVIDUAL CASE NO CATHEDRAL (absolutely none) HAS IDENTICALLY COLOURED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS. This indicates that the way in which the UNIQUE LIGHT OF THE SUN is “FILTERED” inside each cathedral is completely different. With the knowledge of this aspect, it can be said that this is why this filtering process is UNIQUE AND UNREPEATABLE, in the case of each cathedral.

To better understand this extremely important initiating aspect we can relate analogically to another very significant example. A diamond can be polished, cut and processed in hundreds of billions ways. In the end it will have a shape that we can call distinct and unique, even if each separate diamond is actually made from a crystalline variety of CARBON. When lit by a strong beam of light, due to a process of light reflection, a diamond, that is cut and polished in a certain way, will make a specific play of so-called “fires” appearing both inside and outside it, which is wonderful and fascinating when contemplated from the outside. This unique and ineffable process of mirroring presents a multitude of combinations; better said, it is the extremely varied ANSWER that appears when a beam of light enters a diamond.

This is, analogically speaking, very similar to the complex, secret and unrepeatable phenomenon triggered in the MICROCOSM of a human being when, in and through her, the FUNDAMENTAL, AND SUBTLE ENERGY OF LOVE that comes from GOD THE FATHER, is manifested.

THIS COMPLEX, SECRET AND UNREPEATABLE ANSWER THAT IMPLIES INFINITE POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS, appears in and through the reflection of the energy of love: this is attracted in the universe of each human being. GOD THE FATHER instantly receives, with great delight, this unique and unrepeatable mirroring of the energy of love, which results in this way. Each time it appears it always represents the GREAT JOY THAT THE CREATURE generates in her CREATOR by bringing back to Him the energy of love, which is “filtered” in an unrepeatable way. This great joy that the creator – GOD - feels immediately when the creature loves Him, or when she loves, is unique and unrepeatable for each creature. This is due to the fact that the love that each human creature manifests (as an answer) is the FRUIT of an ALMOST INFINITE MULTITUDE OF COMBINATIONS which appear due to the fact that, in reality, each creature – human being – is unique.

This state of uniqueness that results, due to the almost infinite multitude of combinations that actually appears, in each human being coexists simultaneously with the fact that, in her supreme, divine, immortal essence – THE ABSOLUTE SELF (ATMAN) – the human being is, at the same time, IDENTICAL, in her essence, with all the other human beings.

The intuitive understanding of this initiating revelation allows us to experience and understand more profoundly the ineffable and mysterious state that love reveals to us every time, in our inner universe.

In the light of this revelation, we can realise intuitively the huge richness of subtle EXCHANGES, PERMUTATIONS, TRANSFORMATIONS AND COMBINATIONS that are triggered in the case of mutual love between two polar opposed lovers who love and transfigurate each other very much.

In this way, we can realize all the secret, almost miraculous transformations that easily become possible through the energy of love, in their inner universes, which are almost united in a mysterious common sphere in those unique moments when the lovers make love profoundly, intensely and totally, both due to sexual continence and to transfiguration.

In such extraordinary love experiences that are manifested in unison, the state of empathy that appears between the polar opposed lovers becomes almost perfect. Their completely merged auras begin to expand in an ecstatic way from the finite to the infinite.

Discovering, through direct experience, these secrets in our own inner universe, we can understand why the great wise men considered, thousands of years ago, that love is one of the greatest, secret, subtle forces that God manifested in the Macrocosm. Opening to the mysterious energy of love, the human being finds God and, in this way she has a fundamental revelation: God the Father is a never-ending and overwhelming perfect love. Thus, she discovers that the whole Creation (the entire Macrocosm) is, in reality, an amazing game and a mysterious gigantic act of God’s love.

Love reveals to us another amazing secret of God’s creation: the entire manifestation – the Macrocosm – is, in reality, a gigantic and perfect hologram where the PART (implicitly, each HUMAN BEING) is permanently integrated in the GREAT WHOLE and the WHOLE is reflected, every moment, in each PART (which is, implicitly, the Microcosm of each human being). This perfect holographic structure of the entire manifestation (Macrocosm) makes it possible for God to feel instantly, and to enjoy, all the love that each human being manifests, both for Him as well as for the other human beings. Also, due to this huge holographic reality of the entire macrocosmic reality, each one of us can feel immediately (if we open completely to experience this) both the love that God pours upon us as well as the love that one or more human beings who love us manifest for us. By awakening love within ourselves, we attract it, instantly, in our own inner universe. Then we can manifest it towards all the human beings that we love, with the help of the secret energy of love that we endlessly receive from God the Father.

Only those human beings, who love intensely, profoundly and beyond measure, discover another essential aspect: every time, the love that we give is ours forever, or better said, in eternity. But spontaneous and natural love that awakens within us that we avoid or, in other words, we are afraid to manifest (especially because of selfishness, fear or inertia, which exists in us) is a love we have lost forever.

Missing each chance we have to express spontaneously, totally and profoundly, our love for one or more human beings, to whom we spontaneously feel the need to give it at a certain moment, whether that person responds or not with love to the love that we manifest – always, if we consider the following fundamental aspect, represents for us a pitiful failure.

Each time we love, the secret energy of love that we manifest and then give to one or more human beings always comes only from God. When we manifest it through our inner universe, before focusing it on one or more human beings, this secret energy of love always goes first through the microcosm of our being, where it causes, in a certain and inevitable way, many transformations. In some situations, these are even miraculous. That is why the wise men say that the entire love that we give to the other human beings, in reality we give to ourselves. Doing this, (giving as much love to one or more human beings), we transform ourselves in a profound and durable way. We transform through the secret energy of love that we receive, first in our inner universe (where this secret energy of love will generate instantly different specific processes of resonance, and then it will trigger an entire range of profound and long-lasting transformations), before we focus it on another human being. This is a very important secret of love that few people know.

Another essential secret of love that we must never forget about is that, through the formidable secret power of the energy of love that manifests intensely, and, together with a constant transfiguration, each one of us becomes very similar to the being that we love. Due to this secret process, we become exactly what we love profoundly and frantically. In the case of the beings of the opposite sex, the fundamental purpose of love is to reach the state of GLORIOUS ANDROGYNY.

In the case of love, where transfiguration is missing, the complex and secret process of awakening and transferring, in our own inner universe, all the qualities, skills and talents that exist in a latent way, or which are awakened in the beings that we love (and to whom we also make love), is almost impossible.

In plenary and profound love making, performed with transfiguration and continence, either between two lovers of different sexes or between two women who love each other, this secret process of awakening and transferring, in our own inner universe, the qualities and talents admired in the loved being is produced very quickly and easily; especially when we experience intensely and profoundly, remotely, the paranormal and ineffable so-called “avalanche” phenomenon, which appears at the end of the love game.

In the case of love games involving three, the intensity of these phenomena that appear, when at a distance, during the “avalanche” effect, is extremely strong when 2 of the 3 lovers form, at a distance (between all 3 of them), a triangle geometrical form.

Attention! Before performing the consecration of the fruits of this love game to the GREAT COSMIC POWER KALI, each man will have prepared, and will offer, three different flowers to his lover. Those who know the preferences of his lover will offer to her 3 different flowers that she likes the most.

Supplementary to this (OPTIONAL), they can offer to their lover other symbolic gifts at the end of the love game, before going away from her, in order to perform, in unison the experience of the state of “avalanche”. During the consecration of the fruits of this lovemaking to the GREAT COSMIC POWER, KALI, the three flowers will be placed between the two lovers.

THE FORCE IDEA that each man (the lover) must keep alive and awaken during the entire love game with paranormal impulse

The force idea that the man, especially, must manifest intensely and plenary during the entire love game with his lover, both during the foreplay (which will be strictly respected) as well as during the actual lovemaking, is:

 “My greatest happiness, which I feel empathically, completely and profoundly in my entire being, is the happiness to make my lover as happy as possible.”

Acting in this way, the man will enjoy the entire happiness of his lover, full of altruism, which, in a secret and ineffable way, will become his happiness. This ineffable state of happiness, that he will experience empathically, will also allow him to make the first step towards experiencing the state of androgyny. In doing this, the tender and loving man will feel, in an ineffable and harmonious way, BOTH MAN AS WELL AS WOMEN, SIMULTANEOUSLY.


Useful advice for all the couples that will participate in this paranormal impulse

Attention ! In order to enter into the state of profound and intense occult resonance with the beneficial field of force that will be manifested, we suggest that all the couples, that will participate in this love game, respect thoroughly the indicated hours. In order to mark exactly the time limits of the stages of this paranormal impulse, we suggest the use of a kitchen clock or an alarm clock, which will be set to ring at the end of each stage.

Useful advice for all who did not yet receive the initiation to enter in communion with the Great Cosmic Power KALI

Attention! In this exceptional love game, performed only with great transfiguration, which will be supported by paranormal impulse, remotely, even the women or men who do not yet have the secret, spiritual initiation offered for the ineffable communion with the Great Cosmic Power KALI can participate.

The persons who do not have yet the initiation for the communion with the GREAT COSMIC POWER, KALI, and who want to participate in this exemplification, will focus their eyesight attentively on the YANTRA of the GREAT COSMIC POWER. Simultaneously, they will utter mentally, without stopping, the words KALI, KALI, KALI, which is the name of this GREAT COSMIC POWER.

Doing this, with humbleness and great faith in the reality of the sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power KALI, all  human beings who do not have this initiation will still be able to enter an ineffable state of occult resonance with Her secret, infinite sphere of force.

This action will be performed by each human being who does not have this special initiation between 01.20 – 0135  

01.20 – 01.35 TRATAKAM (focus the eyes) on the yantra of the Great Cosmic Power KALI, together with the uninterrupted utterance of her name (KALI).

This is valid only for those who DO NOT have the initiation that allows them the communion with KALI.  


01.35 – 01.45 Consecration of the fruits of this lovemaking to the Great Cosmic Power, KALI

If both lovers receive an affirmative answer to this consecration, they can proceed to the next stages.

01.45 – 01.50 Mental evocation of Grieg’s face, performed with the eyes closed, in order to enter GLOBALLY in subtle, spiritual, telepathic communion with THE FIELD OF FORCE THAT HE WILL MANIFEST. This evocation will be performed in unison both by men and women. In order to perform this visualization as well as possible, we suggest you use a picture that each one will look at carefully before beginning the respective mental evocation.  

01.50 – 02.00 Continuing to feel the state of communion and resonance with THE FILED OF FORCE THAT GRIEG WILL MANIFEST THEN, both the man and the woman will enter intensely, completely and profoundly in a state of resonance with the VERY POWERFUL FIELD OF COSMIC TRANSFIGURATION AND ADORATION OF THE LOVED WOMAN AS PERFECT SHAKTI(a pure and charming, beneficial, feminine presence; divine, fascinating, mysterious, elevated, euphoric, paradisiacal, maternal, overwhelming, through its grandeur and love that embraces and makes everything in the Macrocosm manifest, responding immediately and unceasingly to any idea or intention of the ALL-MIGHTY WILL OF GOD THE FATHER).


Attention! This subtle field of cosmic transfiguration and adoration of the lover, which will be manifested in order to support this paranormal impulse, will be very powerful. We thus underline, in advance, especially for the men, that the actual erotic movements, and especially the rhythm of the love game must be slow, even very slow, in order to be able to transmute, in a harmonious way, the sexual potential, gradually subliming the resulting subtle energy on the superior levels of the being.

02.00 – 02.10 Total, ample and intense cosmic transfiguration of the lover, performed by the man, starting especially from the specific characteristics and skills that he admires most in her.

The man will evoke mentally, one by one, these qualities and characteristics, thinking that they magically become very powerful, manifesting totally and profoundly, in the inner universe of his lover, while he also feels them, in an overwhelming, powerful way.

In the case where the transfiguration of the woman cannot be performed, because the man failed to find at least 2 qualities that he admires in his lover, we suggest that he performs the transfiguration of his lover, starting from the astrological aspects: zodiac constellation, ascendant or NITYA in which she was born. In this situation, the man will do as described above and, in such a case, he will evoke, one by one, the main qualities (which he will have already studied from a book on astrology) of his lover’s zodiac sign as well as those of her ascendant (if he knows it).

02.10 – 02.15 The evocation in unison, by both lovers, of all the exceptional, wonderful moments from the beginning of their love relationship.

Both lovers in unison will perform this stage.  

02.15 02.30 THE FOREPLAY (performed by the man, and in the case of love games between women, it is performed by the woman who plays the active role during this exemplification).

This stage implies the harmonious and most pleasurable excitation, through caresses and kisses, of most of the erogenous areas. If you do not know yet which are the erogenous areas of the women, you can study them in classic sexology books first. In this way, you will fill in a great gap, which is also a handicap.


05.15 05.25 THE POSTLUDE

During the postlude, the two lovers will remain embracing each other, with the eyes closed, being very attentive to each other and aiming to feel empathically, in unison, the profound state of paradisiacal love, happiness, spiritual joy, godliness, mystery, fulfillment, profound and intense polarization.


05.25 05.35We will evoke the integration of each couple as a secret, unified and perfectly polarized sphere in a common microcosm – the glorious androgyn –, which is then made to merge as a COMPONENT PART, PERFECTLY AND ORGANICALLY INTEGRATED IN THE GREAT MACROCOSMIC WHOLE. Then, we will feel the complete integration of the common microcosm of the two intimately merged lovers as a component Part, integrated in the Great Macrocosmic Whole. We become aware of the INNEFABLE, SECRET MIRRORING OF THE GREAT WHOLE (MACROCOSM) in each PART OF THEIR INNER UNIVERSE.  

05.35 05.50 The harmonious sublimation of the resulting subtle energies at the level of SAHASRARA  

Meditation of harmonious sublimation of the resulting subtle energies ONLY at the level of the fundamental center of force SAHASHRARA. In the end, the couple will contemplate the elevated, transcendental, ecstatic state that appears towards the end of this process of sublimation. The two lovers, in unison, will perform this meditation of sublimation, holding hands from the beginning until the end, exactly as when performing the CONSECRATION OF THE FRUITS OF THIS LOVEMAKING TO THE GREAT COSMIC POWER, KALI.  

05.50 06.00 The manifestation IN UNISON of a state of gratitude to God the Father

A humble, and full of love, expression of a state of gratitude to God the Father.

Standing up and facing EAST, the two lovers will say out loud, in unison (one of the lovers can read out loud the gratitude formula from a piece of paper and the other one will say the same formula in unison):

I thank you, Heavenly Father, for revealing to us the secrets of pure, endless and paradisiacal love.

Heaven and Earth are filled with your secrets and eternal glory.

Thy will be done in and through our beings, united now in one androgenic, sacred sphere.

Help us discover that each of us was made an androgynous being, existing in your own image.

Hallowed be thy holy name, now and forever.

Amen! Amen! Amen!


In the end, the two lovers will feel and contemplate, with humbleness and love in their inner universe, the uplifting state of the grace of God the Father, which will pour into the body and being of the two lovers as an intense, pure, overwhelming, ecstatic flow, which will manifest as an ineffable godly shiver flowing through them from top to bottom, entering them through the crown of the head.


06.05 09.35 The experience in unison, by the two lovers, of the “avalanche” phenomenon

This implies the awareness over the entire range of subtle, paranormal, ineffable, euphoric, affective, spiritual phenomena that will appear between the two lovers as soon as the man (it is suggested that it is best if the man goes away) goes, at a distance as big as possible, from the place where he made love to his lover. Those who have a car can go at least 50km distance from the place where the lover remains.

Then we suggest that (as much as possible) the two lovers stay separate afterwards and meet only after 18.30. They will share with each other the states they felt during the experience in unison of the “avalanche” effect.

They can write down everything they felt and will also mention the time when those phenomena took place, in order to notice, in this way, certain significant synchronicities that appeared between them when they were at distance from each other.

For 49 days afterwards, the two lovers will be very attentive to all the secret phenomena of synchronicity and to other spiritual, mystical experiences that will appear between them or in each one of them.

We wish you GOOD LUCK!!!

At the same time, we assure you, in advance, that the SUCCESS of this paranormal impulse will be great for each couple, and for some couples it will be amazing.

In this way, full of happiness, you will discover that God is LOVE. Some couples, which are ready, will live states of Cosmic Orgasm during this exemplification. Many men will discover, with great delight, that his frantic adoration of the beloved woman makes them experience the ineffable state of MYSTERY, which reveals the existence of THE ETERNAL FEMININE in the beloved woman.