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International Spiritual Art Camp ARTE DIEM – 2008

Mandala Spiritual Art Group from Sfântul Gheorghe - Romania organizes the 5th edition of the International Art Creation Camp, in the fabulous setting of the Arcus Castle, in the South East of Transylvania, in the period: 21-30 of July.  The creative activities are guided by professional artists. You can attend one of the following workshops: dance, drama, music, literature, fine arts, photography, film.  There is also a creativity workshop, open not only for artists but for anyone who wants to increase their creative power.

Other activities during the camp: conferences and seminars dealing with issues of arts and spirituality, exercises for developing creativity and inspiration, meditations, shows, movies, concerts, dance parties.

For details and online registrations please enter here

Registrations are open until the 15th of July but please note, that the number of places is limited.

June 2008