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Note: the hours of the meditations and of the astrological aspects as given herein are by Romania time. In order to properly assess your time, according to your location worldwide, please consider as reference Eastern Europe Time, i.e. GMT+2 hrs.

“Sometimes people stumble over the truth,
but only the fool gets up immediately and keep walking indifferently.”

ATTENTION!!! Each of these favourable moments, which are some hidden gifts from GOD, help access and spiritually experience THE SECRETS OF OCCULT ASTRAL RESONANCES. By firm and continuous focus on these ineffable moments, we are granted the chance to experience THE MYSTERY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT totally and profoundly.
Yoga teacher, Gregorian Bivolaru

Tuesday/Wednesday, July 1st-2nd, between 11.30pm-1.00am – Meditation of communion to SHIVA, on the occasion of SHIVARATRI.

Sunday, July 6, between 5am-00am – the TECHNIQUE OF PREVIOUS LIVES REVELATION in unison. The technique will be supported by telepathic collective field by GRIEG.

Sunday, July 6, between 1.30-2.15pm – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury trine Neptune. Effects:  awakening of telepathic capacities, intuition and creative visualization. Enhancement of foreseeing abilities, it enables awakening of healing capacities by bio-energy pass.

Sunday, July, 6 between 9.15-10pm – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Uranus. Effects:  Awakening of intense aspiration for a state of inner freedom, it helps a state of detachment, removal of stupid preconceptions with regard to the couple relationship. It helps harmonisation of the couple relationships. It increases the state of selfless surrender by love and makes possible elimination of different vices, possessiveness, attachments and bad habits which obstruct and confine our spiritual transformation. It engenders inventiveness, superior creativeness and spontaneity in love relationships; it triggers surprising beneficial solutions of conflicts.

Wednesday, July, 9 – Instructors’ meeting at 10 am, Pipera 1st Hall.

Thursday, July 10 – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars conjunct Saturn.
Effects: it enhances the state of firmness, continuity and perseverance in action, it awakes punctuality, it triggers responsibility and patience. It awakes spiritual aspiration, it amplifies inner firmness, and it engenders inner discipline. This time is flat favourable for conscious assuming spiritual practices meant to attain success.

Entrance in the zodiac rows between 5.30-6.00pm. The spiral will be set between 5.30-6.00pm and it will start at 7.00pm.

Monday, July 14, between 11.20am-12.05pm – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury sextile Saturn. Effects: it helps the state of calm mental calm and quiet, it awakes and supports the state of inner and outer balance, between essence and appearance as it is a good opportunity to understand life priorities both at the spiritual and social levels. It helps quick surpassing of mental distractedness, it increases mental focus, it helps practical thinking, it awakes objectiveness and punctuality. This aspect also grants steady thinking, enhanced mental focus, it awakes and enhances perseverance, it helps leading abilities, it engenders great communication skills, it awakes and enhances discrimination.

Monday, July, 14 between 6.45-7.30am – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun trine Uranus. Effects: it triggers a state of originality, inventiveness, innovative spirit, it awakes propensities to spiritual group activities, it awakes the state of detachment of the fruits of our actions, inner dynamism, it helps surpassing secluding prejudices.

Wednesday, July 16, between 11.45pm-0.30am - Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury trine Mars. Effects: meditation on the subtle beneficial energy of this aspect awakes and enhances mental intuitive abilities and beneficial sensorial perceptions. It engenders aspiration for knowledge and deep understanding of life beauties, it helps ecstatic identification with Nature, it helps perception of GOD under His aspect of mysterious manifestation of the subtle force of life. It awakes the ability of beneficial acting in a conscious and intelligent way; it enhances the mental force, the courage to firmly state one’s ideas. It enhances mind penetration, practical intelligence, passion, romanticism. It secures abilities to overcome shallowness, fear, doubts, in favour of mental power awakening and spontaneity in action; it helps overcoming inertia, it awakes the ability to find innovative, efficient solutions, it engenders plain speaking. It activates the ability to externalize beneficial ideas and helps practical valorisation of mental perceptions. It helps creativity, challenge, combativeness; it is a good opportunity to ditch stupid preconceptions. It helps harmonious integration in social life, it activates and enhances spontaneity and swift decisions, it awakes harmony between mental and astral sphere.

Wednesday, July 16 – TRIPURA SUNDARI. The maximum beneficial moment is 3.37am.
The favourable time for couple lovemaking with continence and transfiguration is between 7.00pm (Tuesday, July 15) – 12.00pm (Wednesday, July 16). The special meditation of communion to the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI will be at 3.00-3.45am.
Friday, July 18 – FULL MOON. The evil influence of the FULL MOON begins Thursday, July 17, at 4.58pm and is over Saturday, July 19, at 4.58am. The maximum evil influence of the FULL MOON: Friday, July 18, at 10.58am.  
Saturday, July 19, between 5.00-5.45 – Meditation of communion with SAINT SERAFIM OF SAROV.

Sunday, July 20, between 3.00-3.45pm – Meditation of communion with SAINT PROPHET  ILIE.

Wednesday July 23, between 11.50pm-0.35am – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury trine Uranus. Effects: it awakes and activates telepathic communion and inventiveness. It helps removal of secluding prejudices, it awakes and activates originality.

Saturday, July 26, starting at 9.00pm, in unison all over the country (Romania) YANG SPIRAL for AWAKENING THE ROMANIAN PEOPLE SOUL.

SATURDAY, July 27, between 0.45-1.30am – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars trine Jupiter. Effects: it enables intuition and practical valorisation of spiritual laws, cultivation of spontaneity and courage. It awakes nobility, love for truth and righteousness. It enhances the wish to express spiritual potential and enforces assuming responsibilities. It engenders the state of enthusiasm, it provides financial success, it awakes practical availabilities of everyday use, it awakes generosity, it favours creative expressions, it awakes self-confidence, the power to express spiritual truths. 

Tuesday, July 29, between 10.50-11.35pm – Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun conjunct Mercury. Effects: it awakes and activates a harmonious state of solar prevalence, the initiative spirit, detached power of challenging, plain thinking, practical sense, efficiency in beneficial practical actions, creativity. This aspect also enhances memory and brain power, it fully powers courage and supports finalisation of our beneficial actions. It helps manifestation of oratorical skills.  Also purification processes at the solar plexus are enhanced and harmonious aspiration of self-challenge is supported together with lucid and detached assertion. Harmony between mental and vital sphere is enabled and creativity is stirred. This aspect increases firmness in expressing beneficial ideas. It enhances attention and the power of awareness. It is a favourable time for responsible sharing of spiritual knowledge attained by productive study of the spiritual works. It generates conspicuous solar prevalence at the mental level. This is quite a favourable time for detachment from obsessive ideas.

Wednesday/Thursday, July 30/31, between 11.30pm-1.00am – Meditation of communion to SHIVA on the occasion of SHIVARATRI. 

June 2008