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*Note: time reference as GMT.

     Motto: “Sometimes people stumble over truth, but only the fool rise immediately and keep walking with indifference.”

Attention!!! Each of these beneficial moments, as veiled gifts from GOD, helps you enter and savor – in a spiritual way - THE SECRET OF ESOTERIC ASTRAL RESONANCES. By constant and firm attention, these ineffable moments offer us the chance to plenary and profoundly live THE MYSTERY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT.
Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Thursday, March, 4 between 03.50-04.35 – Mediation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus conjunct Uranus. Effects: it awakes in the being a stupendous wish of spiritual freedom, it nurtures the state of detachment and helps removal of common prejudices in a couple relationship. It activates originality, creativeness, it helps deepening the spiritual friendship relationships. It awakes and increases the state of surrender through love, it leads to overcoming possessiveness and attachments that hinder our spiritual evolution. It helps the emergence of a state of divine channel in love relationships. This aspect makes possible the ineffable communion with the affective universal sphere, it awakens the state of Christian consciousness, it awakes and increases the ability of devotion to the great ideals of humankind.

Thursday, March 4, between 11.35-12.20 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury sextile Pluto.  Effects: it awakens and helps a refined thinking and the power of mental penetration. It can also stand for a chance to discover new ways to overcome the mind surface through nurturing a state of surrender in front of the divine will of GOD the FATHER. It helps a spontaneous state of transfiguration and also confers good control over mind fluctuations. It increases and supports aspiration for transformation, it helps conscious perception of the collective subconscious, overcomes phobias. It’s a favourable moment to overcome all sorts of obstacles, it awakes the energy of the individual will, it triggers a state of undaunted firmness, in spiritual convictions. It also awakens mind swiftness (mind ability to find beneficial solutions) together with the power of mind penetration, it awakes and enhances the spontaneous process of sublimation of energies in the sphere of mind, it helps a great beneficial force of mind. It awakens the ability of conscious OBE (astral projections).

Saturday, March 6 – beginning of the CAMP OF INCREASEMENT AND DEEPENING OF THE SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP ASPIRANT – SPIRITUAL GUIDE, which will take place between 6-12 March, in Costineşti.

Sunday, March 7, between 19.00 19.45 – meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Mars. Effects: it awakes and enhances tenderness, erotic and artistic refinement, it awakes and increases concern for elevated passions, it awakes and activates creative imagination.

Monday, March 8, between 01.30-02.15 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Effects: this aspect confers awakening of beneficial sensitiveness, it awakes artistic refinement, it stimulates creative imagination and helps elevation of affective emotions. It may induce spiritual and refined beneficial feelings and it awakens and increases spiritual aspiration. It helps awakening and enhancement of the mystic elevated feelings and it urges successful approach in pursuing great human ideals. It stirs creative force, it activates erotic refinement, it may help directing and sublimation of subtle beneficial energies into inspirational artistic creativity.

Monday, March 8 – INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY. Between 15.00 – 16.00 meditation of communion to the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI.

Tuesday, March 9, between 16.00-16.45 – meditation of communion to celebrate the 40 saints.

Friday, March 12 – special meditation on GRIEG’s birthday.

Saturday March 13/Sunday March 14, between 21.30 - 23.00 – special meditation of communion to SHIVA, on the SHIVARATRI moment.

Sunday, March 14, between 13.00-13.45 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun conjunct Mercury. Effects: it awakes and enhances a harmonious solar prevalence, the spirit of initiative detached challenge, plain thinking and practical sense, practical effectiveness in beneficial actions, inventiveness.  This aspect also improves memory and mind power, it helps manifestation of oratorical skills.
It highly expresses courage and helps us accomplish the beneficial actions we perform. Also some purifying processes of the solar plexus may be amplified and harmonious aspiration for self-challenge and lucid, detached assertion can be supported. A state of harmony between the mind and vital spheres can be enhanced and creativity may be aroused. This aspect may increase firmness in stating beneficial ideas. It improves attention and the power of awareness. This is a favourable moment to share with all responsibility the spiritual knowledge as accumulated through fruitful study of spiritual works. This generates a conspicuous phenomenon of solar prevalence at mind level. This is a favourable time to detach from the obsessive ideas.

Monday, March 15, between 21.25-22.20 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury conjunct Uranus. Effects: this aspect awakens and enhances creative imagination, artistic spiritual inspiration, beneficial intelligence and also awakens telepathic abilities, it helps communion to superior parallel realms, it awakens and enhances the power of introspection, it increases aspiration, it allows spontaneous transcendence of mind, it generates a much keener mind perception. It may easily remove preconceptions , stiff and barren ideas. It awakes originality, it boosts mental focus, helps some deeply beneficial states of identification, it helps emergence and manifestation of beneficial states of trance. It can helps refinement of the mind and a state of inner harmony.

  Wednesday, March 17, between 06.35-07.20 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun conjunct Uranus. Effects: the moment is flat favorable for awakening and activating the state of Christian Consciousness. This can also enable the understanding of the mysterious aspects of life, it can help removing of all sorts of conditionings and preconceptions. This aspect awakens and increases creative intelligence, it activates the power of understanding of the great divine truths, it helps telepathy and engenders artistic inspiration, creativeness and beneficial dynamism. It can help good integration in spiritual groups and a state of fraternal and elevated communion. It can help materialize the divine inspirations and the firm direction of will for the mysterious ineffable state of divine channel.

Thursday, March 18, between 23.15-0.00 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury trine Mars. Effects: it can easily materialize beneficial ideas, it awakens and enhances a combative attitude, it helps overcoming inertia, it can helps awakening of the ability to find extraordinary beneficial solutions, it confers plain expression. It helps good integration at material level, it increases spontaneity and swift decisions, it can engender courage to freely express our ideas.
Saturday, March 20 between 17.00-18.00 the Sun enters the sign of Aries. This beneficial influence can be felt in a special meditation of communion to the moment of SPRING EQUINOX. The maximum influence is at 17.32 the significance of the SPRING EQUINOX: night decreases and day increases (day is equal to night). This moment of equilibrium means an ineffable state of harmony, which can trigger a state of deep, conspicuous transformation of the inner nature as well as a beneficial transformation of our human nature. Everything comes back to life then and tries to spring out in order to enjoy the deep intense energies of the spring. After a time of “conservation, under the winter restrictions”, as yogi diet mainly consists of seeds, cereals and dairy – there comes according to the orthodox religion the Easter Fasting, which also comprises this moment of equinox. Especially at this time, there occurs a process of special purification both for the physical body and for some subtle bodies. Consequently, there emerges a state of peace of mind emerges, of psychic balance, of affective activation. From an esoteric point of view, this moment enables an ineffable resonance to the glorious androgynous state, to the mysterious state of harmony, which in certain conditions appears in our inner universe between the feminine and the masculine natures, between the inner man and inner woman (between anima and animus). It is by no accident that in this mysterious time of rebirth and regeneration of nature, there occurs the match of most of the animals, plants start blooming and gradually the germs of life are reborn everywhere around us.

Astrologically, we can state that the Sun goes from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aries. Therefore we witness the beginning of a new astrological cycle. Man analogically becomes kind of a volcano which is about to explode. This is particularly why he often becomes able to attain extraordinary things. The meditative, contemplative mood of the Pisces is now replaced by the Aries’ spontaneity and wish of assertion. It is mostly now that useless sacrifices and excessive idealism are removed and concrete experiences are favourably exalted,  and also direct actions, which are made in order to materialise our inner aspirations as well as possible. Man has to fully adapt himself to these new demands of rebirth, and has to get fresh and wake up to a new reality, stop sleeping and hibernation (this stage has a certain significance, both material, social and spiritual). Man has to utterly adapt to the mysterious cycles of nature, as especially now his resistance analogically is as swimming against the flow. In some cases this lack of adaptation can trigger states of tiredness, anxiety, often with no reason – which in medicine is generally considered the “spring asthenia”.

This mysterious moment of hiatus spontaneously connects it with the great subtle energies of the beginning, with the fully optimistic enthusiasm which occurs with every beginning in life. This moment of effervescence also triggers a fascinating state of vital blooming. It harmoniously awakens vitality and feminine qualities in the being as it boosts the ecstatic experience of the mysterious tumult of spring, which makes us spontaneous, courageous, dynamic and active.

Sunday, March 21st, between 17.35-18.20 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun trine Mars. Effects: enhancement of the ability to wrap up actions, it improves the power of awareness, dynamism and effervescence in human relationships. This is a favourable time to nurture the state of firmness, of solar prevalence, to increase courage and elevated aspirations. It balances the immune system, it increases vitality, it leads to transcendence of self-indulgence and laziness.

Tuesday, March 23rd, between 3.35-4.20 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars sextile Saturn. Effects: this aspect helps a spontaneous state of deep emotional balance, it helps creative transformation of stiff aspects of the being into qualities as tenacity, perseverance, enhanced self-confidence, humbleness, discernment. Also the mind and senses dormant capacities are awakened; now long term memory can be increased. The ability to remember previous life sequences is awakened. This aspect helps the spontaneous perception of the overwhelming mystery of GOD the FATHER. 

OPTIONAL! As from Tuesday, March 23rd till Thursday, April 1st (included), all those who aspire to purify themselves for the EASTER HOLIDAY, can do the OSHAWA DIET.

Thursday, March 25, between 15.00-15.45 – meditation of communion to the Christian holiday of the ANNOUNCEMENT.

Saturday, March 27, as from 19.00 there will take place THE YANG SPIRAL of COMMUNION TO THE ROMANIAN PEOPLE SOUL, in unison all over Romania.

Saturday, March 27/Sunday March, 28 time turns to DAYLIGHT. Then, 01.00 am will turn 02.00am.

Sunday, March 28 – TRIPURA SUNDARI. Between 06.35-07.20, meditation of communion to the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI. The favourable time for lovemaking in couple, with continence, love and transfiguration is between 22.00 (Saturday, March 27)-15.00 (Sunday, 28). Maximum beneficial influence is reached Sunday, March 28, at 6.54.

Monday, March 29, between 21.10-21.55 – meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus sextile Neptune. Effects: it confers deep, ample understanding, through empathy, of other people’s feelings and inner emotions; it enables euphoric expansion of the being in the macrocosmic affective sphere, it awakens deep states of compassion, humbleness and helps a state of detached love and unconditional devotion to GOD. It also awakens and amplifies the state of detachment, the power to transfigurate the people we love. It awakens inspiration, artistic creativity, sensitivity, aesthetic refinement, intuition, it helps the appearance of the romantic love, it enables subtle, telepathic communion to the superior astral realms and confers conscious contact to the angels. It creates conditions to remove attachments and attain perfect transfiguration of the person we love.

Tuesday, March 30 – the FULL MOON. The evil influence of the FULL MOON starts as from March 29, at 09.25 until Tuesday, March 30, at 21.25. The moment of maximum evil influence of the FULL MOON: Tuesday, March 30, at 03.25.