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*Note: time reference as GMT.

Motto: “Sometimes people stumble over truth, but only the foolish rise immediately and continue walking with indifference”

Attention!!! Each of these benefic moments, as veiled gifts from God, helps you enter and savor –in a spiritual way - the secrets of esoteric astral resonances.
By constant and firm attention, these ineffable moments offer us the chance to plenary and profoundly love the mystery of the present moment.

Yoga Professor Gregorian Bivolaru
Thursday, April 1st, from 04.05-04.50 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in sextile with Neptune. Effects: It awakens and brings a refined, transfiguring way of thinking, and it favors the dynamization of the power of mental penetration. It represents an opportunity to discover some new and mysterious ways for overcoming the mental sphere by cultivating the state of surrendering to the Will of God the Father. It facilitates the spontaneous appearance of a deep state of transfiguration and it also gives a good inner control over mental fluctuations. I amplifies and refines aspiration for spiritual transformation, it makes possible the occult penetration into the sphere of the collective subconscious, it allows the instantaneous removal of phobias.

Saturday, April 3rd (inclusive) - Monday, April 5th (inclusive) - Easter holiday.
Saturday, April 3rd - Sunday, April 4th, from 21.30-22.30 - The Christian Easter: Meditation of profound spiritual communion through the Evocation In Akasha Of The Moment Of Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sunday, April 4th from 11.00-11.45- Meditation of communion with the state of Christic Consciousness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday, April 5th, from 03.55-04.40 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in triad with Pluto. Effects: It awakens and amplifies passionate and emotional experiences, it facilitates the transmutation of the creative potential and the sublimation of the inferior energies through the mysterious power of transfiguration, it elevates erotic feelings. It allows the spontaneous attuning to the Divine Will through the state of abandonment and total dedication through love. It makes possible the awakening of artistic qualities and it allows the appearance of spontaneous beneficial states of trance.

Tuesday, April 6th, from 11.30-12.15 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in triad with Pluto. Effects: This aspect is strongly favorable for the creative association of firm will with the mental ability to find creative solutions, while facilitating the overcoming of obstacles of all kinds. It awakens and amplifies diplomacy, the tendency to study sacred texts, it dynamises and amplifies the creative force, it awakens and increases personal charm (charisma).

Sunday, April 11th  - begins the series of the 7 Oshawa diets in preparation for performing successfully the YOGA technique for the revelation of past lives. The technique will be performed on Sunday, July 11th, from 03.00 - 22.00, in unison, and it will be supported spiritually through a collective telepathic field by Grieg.

Monday, April 12th, fromm 16.00-16.45 - Meditation of communion with The Memorial Easter.

Monday, April 12th, from 21.30-23.00 - SHIVARATRI, meditation of communion with Shiva.


Saturday, April 17th, from 21.30 - 22.15 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in sextile with Jupiter. Effects:
It makes possible the deep and complete experience of certain model spiritual states that appear especially when we achieve a state of profound peace, and at the same time it makes possible the appearance of an intense and euphoric state of expansion of the consciousness in the spiritual sphere. It awakens and amplifies beneficial emotions of an affective nature and states of devotion. Also, it awakens and amplifies the spontaneous power of transfiguration and it facilitates paranormal, telepathic communication with spiritual, elevated entities. It awakens pure love, love for truth and justice. It awakens and amplifies in the being generosity, tolerance, kindness, optimism, it makes possible the appearance of a total experience a state of happiness without object, it improves health. 

Sunday, April 18th, from 09.00-09.45 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in sextile with Neptune. Effects:
It awakens and amplifies spiritual intuition, it makes the creative force effervescent, it awakens artistic refinement and refined sensuality, it facilitates the awakening of the capacity of intuitive communication with the angelic worlds. It amplifies purity and it awakens healing abilities through curative magnetism. It awakens the ineffable state of unconditional surrendering to God, it increases aspiration towards spiritual ideals. to God, it increases aspiration towards spiritual ideals.

Friday, April 23rd, from 12.00-12.45 - Meditation of spiritual communion with St. George, the one who manifests the power of victory over evil.
Saturday, April 24th, from 02.50-03.35 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in sextile with Uranus. Effects: This aspect dynamises and enhances the perception of the state of mysterious beauty of the human beings which we come in contact with, facilitating the appearance of an ineffable state of fascination. It refines sensuality, it awakens romanticism and originality. It gives a genius inspiration that can materialize into immortal works of art. Especially in this conjuncture, love fully manifested in all its forms is impregnated with an overwhelming state of mystery. This moment facilitates the entering into a state of resonance with the emotional macrocosmic sphere, and it awakens and also increases the power of transfiguration. This aspect gives great creativity, it brings into manifestation the freedom in expression, it awakens and amplifies refined erotic imagination, it facilitates the complete manifestation of love, it dynamises enthusiasm, ingeniosity, it awakens the ability to become aware of the collective ideals of humanity and it allows us to perceive intuitively the innovative directions of the times we live in. It makes possible the discovery of new genius solutions and it facilitates the solving of the couple relationships problems; it favors the appearance of spontaneous states of empathy, it awakens superior sensitivity.
Saturday, April 24th, from 08:30-09.15 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in triad with Saturn. Effects: It favors the spontaneous and free expression of beneficial feelings and emotions; it awakens and amplifies continuity in expressing beneficent feelings. It facilitates the achieving of a state of profoundness and respect in relationships between people. It makes possible a better collaboration and understanding between people both in the social and in spiritual spheres. It awakens and amplifies in the being discernment, moderation, responsibility in relationships, and it also awakens and amplifies tact and diplomacy.

Saturday, April 24th, starting with 19:00, YANG SPIRAL OF COMUNION WITH THE SOUL OF THE ROMANIAN PEOPLE realized in unison all over the country.

Sunday, April 25th, from 16.30 - 17.15 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in triad with Pluto. Effects: It awakens and amplifies the power of regeneration in the entire being, it increases and refines the power of mental penetration, it facilitates inner transformation, it awakens harmoniously refined and frantic sexuality, it dynamises masculinity, making it manifest fully and harmoniously. It increases creative force, determination, courage, vitality and virility. The complex beneficial astral energy of this aspect awakens and amplifies affective power, the state of aspiration and it favors the revealing of unsuspected depths of our being, making at the same time possible the inner ineffable fusion with God the Father. This aspect awakens and facilitates profound transformations within the subconscious sphere and it brings the appearance of a complete sacred relationship to eros, and at the same time it favors the transmutation of the sexual potential and the harmonious sublimation of effervescent erotic energy.
Monday, April 26th - Tripura Sundari. The maximum beneficial moment is at 14.44. The favorable period for lovemaking in a couple relationship with love, continence and transfiguration is from 04.00-22.00. The special meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari will be from 14.30-15.15.
Wednesday, April 28th - Full Moon. The period of negative influence of the full moon begins Tuesday, April 27th, at 19.18 and it ends Thursday, April 29th, at 07.18. The moment of maximum negative influence of the full moon is Wednesday, the 28th of April, at 13.18.
Wednesday, April 28th, from 17.30-18.15 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in conjunction with Mercury. Effects: It awakens and dynamises a harmonious state of solarity, spirit of initiative, the detached state of competitiveness, clarity in thinking, practical sense, efficiency in beneficial actions of a practical nature, ingenuity. At the same time this aspect increases memory and the power of intellect; it brings the full manifestation of courage and it sustains us to bring to a successful end the beneficial actions we make. Some purification processes at the solar plexus level are amplified and the harmonious aspiration of overcoming ones limits, as well as lucid and detached affirmation is supported. This aspect brings the appearance of a state of harmony between the mental and vital spheres of the being and it awakens creativity; it increases firmness in expressing beneficial ideas, it facilitates the manifestation of oratorical abilities. It improves attention and the power of awareness. It is a favorable moment to share full of responsibility the accumulated spiritual knowledge and for the  fruitful study of spiritual works. It generates an intense phenomenon of solarization in the mental sphere of the being. It is a favorable moment for the detachment from obsessive ideas.