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The verdict has been pronounced in the Sibiu court case: Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent
Finally, truth and innocence (guiltless) are reflected in an act of justice in Romania!
In a press release delivered on April 23rd, the spokesman for Sibiu Court announced Gregorian Bivolaru had been cleared in the file 405/85/2005. Indeed, Sibiu proves itself as a European city, not only in terms of culture, but also in terms of justice! Sibiu court case solution is fully in line with the Supreme Court in Stockholm!

In the trial held in Sibiu, Gregorian Bivolaru was accused of the following facts - quote from the indictment:
- Sexual intercourse with a minor, in continued form, art.198 paragraph 2 and 3 with paragraph 41 from P.c.
- Sexual perversion, in continued form, art.201 paragraph 3 and 31 P.c. with aplic.art.41 of.2 P.c.
- Sexual corruption, art.202 of 3 P.c.
- Trafficking of minors, prev. art. 13 par.1, of 3 and 4 in reference to Article 12 par.1 and two points of Law no. 678/2001 on preventing and combating human trafficking.
-Sexual intercourse with a minor in continued form, prev. art. 198 par. 2 and 3 P.c. with aplic.art.41 par. 2 P.c. and 13 par.1 P.c.
- Sexual intercourse with a minor, prev. of art.198 par. 2 and 3 P.c.
- Trafficking in minors, prev. art 13 par.1 and 3, thesis 1. Law on preventing and combating people trafficking nr.678/2001
- Fraudulent attempt of crossing the state border of Romania, prev. article 70 par.1 and 3 of O.U.G. nr.105/2001 amended by article 29, item 1 of Law nr.39/2003.
  * All crimes referred to above are in line with the article 33 letter a of the P.c.

The solution in the Gregorian Bivolaru case, according to the press release of Sibiu Court, indicates that he has been found not guilty on all the accounts he was called in by the Tribunal! Furthermore, for some of the accounts the court had no reason to evaluate the allegations made, because they were minor, with a very small time limit, that has already been reached and the accounts have been considered served. Certainly, should they have been analyzed from legal point of view, and then the verdict would still be innocent!

In conclusion, Gregorian Bivolaru is not guilty. We will come back with details of his allegations in this file and how his lawyers have proved his innocence, to dispel in advance the media tendency to deceitfully present the situation as "Gregorian Bivolaru has escaped justice for not being present at trial until time has elapsed"

The media is again trying to focus on procedural aspects, namely prescription of accounts instead of recognizing the innocence found in this case, which has always been a set up, set up to, which the court in Sibiu did not want to partake!
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