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Note: The hours of the meditations and of the astrological aspects as given herein are by Romania time.

“Sometimes people stumble on the truth,
yet only the foolish get up immediately
and keep walking indifferently.”

         ATTENTION!!! Each one of these beneficial moments, which spiritually speaking are hidden gifts that God offers us, help us to enter and experience THE SECRETS OF OCCULT ASTRAL RESONANCES. By firmly and continuously focusing on these ineffable moments they offer us the chance to experience THE MYSTERY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT totally and profoundly.

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Tuesday, 1st March, SPRING DAY. Between 14.00-14.45: meditation of communion to the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI.

Tuesday, 1st March, between 16.35-17.20: Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus sextile Uranus. Effects:
this aspect activates and enhances the perception of the state of mysterious beauty of the beings we get in contact to, it helps the emergence of an ineffable state of fascination, refines sensuality, awakens romanticism and originality. It confers genial inspiration which can materialize in immortal masterpieces. Especially in this conjuncture, love manifested plenary under all its forms is imbued with an overwhelming state of mystery. This moment helps resonance with the macrocosmic sphere of force of affectivity; it also awakes and enhances the state of transfiguration. This aspect confers great creativity, it gives freedom of expression, it awakes and enhances refined erotic imagination, helps plenary manifestation of love, it awakes enthusiasm, ingenuity, it awakes capacity of awareness of the collective ideals of humankind, and it allows intuition of the renewing directions of our times. It enables new, brilliant solutions and helps solutions for couple issues, favourable for the spontaneous states of empathy, awakes superior sensibility.

Wednesday, 2nd March/Thursday, 3rd March  - MAHASHIVARATRI. Between 23.30-1.00: special meditation of communion with SHIVA, on the special occasion of MAHASHIVARATRI.

Friday, 4th March, between 4.35-5.20 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological moment: Mars sextile Pluto. Effects:
this aspect awakes the power of transmutation of the creative potential and enables spontaneous sublimation of the resulted energies in harmonious elevated passion. It activates the courage in beneficial actions which imply self-challenge, it urges spiritual transformation through conscious orientation of the individual will to an ineffable state of surrender in front of God's the Father will. It favours removal of selfishness and it's also an excellent opportunity to improve self-control.

Saturday, 5th March, starting at 21.15 - YANG SPIRAL MEDITATION  OF INVOCATION OF THE DIVINE GRACE performed in the unison countrywide. In Bucharest, the spiral will take place at Pipera, 1st hall.

Tuesday, 8 March - WOMAN's DAY. Between 17:00-18:00, meditation of communion to the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI.

Wednesday, 9th March, between 17.50-18.35 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury conjunct Uranus. Effects: this aspect awakes and activates creative imagination, artistic and spiritual inspiration. it awakes beneficial intelligence, telepathic abilities, it helps communion to the superior parallel realms. It awakes and enhances the power of introspection, the state of aspiration, it allows spontaneous transcendence of the mind and engenders a high power of penetration in the being. It easily removes prejudices and stiff, barren conceptions. It awakes originality, amplifies mental focus and helps the emergence of some deeply beneficial states of identification. It helps the appearance and manifestation of beneficial states of trance. It helps refinement of the mind and enables a state of inner harmony.
Wednesday, 9th March, between 18.00-18.45 - Meditation of communion to the Christian Holiday, the 40 MARTYRS.

Thursday, 10th March, between 14.10-14.55 - Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus sextile Jupiter.
It allows deep experience of some exceptional spiritual states, which appear when we do yogic meditation. It triggers a prevalent state of expansion of consciousness in the spiritual sphere. It enhances beneficial emotions. It awakes states of devotion. It fosters the power of transfiguration; helps ineffable telepathic communion to the elevated spiritual entities from the astral world. it awakes pure love, the love for truth and justice. It awakes and activates in the being generosity, tolerance, kindness, optimism and triggers a plenary state of happiness without object. It helps paranormal healings and boosts health.

Saturday, 12th March,  - Special meditation on GRIEG's birthday.

Tuesday, 15th March, between 3.20-4.05 - Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Saturn. Effects: helps spontaneous, free expression of beneficial emotions, awakes  and enhances continuous expression of beneficial feelings. it supports a state of deep respect in human relationship. it enables good communication between people, both in the social and in the spiritual sphere. It awakes and enhances in the being discernment, moderation, responsibility in relationships, also awakes and enhances tact and diplomacy.

Wednesday, 16th March, between 3.10-3.55 -Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Effects: this aspect confers awakening of beneficial sensitivity, artistic refinement, stimulates creative imagination, and elevates affective emotions. It induces spiritualised refined beneficial feelings, awakes and enhances spiritual aspiration. helps awakening and activation of elevated mystical states and urges successful implication in fulfilling the great spiritual ideals of humankind. It triggers effervescence of creative force, activates and enhances erotic refinement, helps direction and sublimation of subtle beneficial energies for an inspiring artistic creativity.

Friday, 18th March, TRIPURA SUNDARI.
The favourable period for continence lovemaking and transfiguration is between 14.00 (Thursday, 17th March)-10.00 (Friday, 18March). Between 0.40-1.25: meditation of communion with the great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI. The moment of maximum beneficial influence is Friday, 18th March, at 0.56.

Saturday, 19th March - FULL MOON. The unfavourable influence of the FULL MOON begins Saturday, 19th March, at 2.10 and ends Sunday, 20th March, at 14.10. The moment of maximum unfavourable influence of the FULL MOON is Saturday, 19th march, at 20.10.
performed in the unison countrywide.  In Bucharest, the spiral will take place at Pipera, 1st hall.

Sunday, 20th March/Monday, 21st March - a SPIRAL similar to the yearly HIATUS spiral in Costinesti will be done on the occasion of another important moment of hiatus in this year.

Monday, 21st March - THE SPRING EQUINOX: the Sun enters the sign of Aries. This beneficial subtle influence will be perceived as part of a special meditation of communion to the moment of SPRING EQUINOX, between 0.50-2.20. The moment of maximum influence of the SPRING EQUINOX is at 1.20 am.
The significance of the SPRING EQUINOX:
night duration decreases and day increases (night and day become almost equal). This moment of equilibrium is the symbol of an ineffable state of harmony, which triggers a state of deep, strong, transformation of the outer nature and also a beneficial transformation of the human nature. Everything is then awakening to life and tries to come out to enjoy the subtle beneficial intense energies of the spring. After a period of "conservation" where the winter restrictions have been supported, when the diet consisted of seeds, cereals and dairy, now it's time, according to the orthodox tradition, the fasting of the Easter, which also includes this equinox. At this time, especially, there occurs a spontaneous process of special purification both at the level of the body and at the level of some of our subtle bodies. As a consequence there appears a state of mind stillness, psychic balance, affective activation. Esoterically, this moment creates resonance to the glorious androgynous state, to the mysterious state of harmony, which in certain conditions emerges in our inner universe between our feminine and masculine nature, between the inner man and inner woman (anima and animus). It is by no accident, especially in this period of mysterious rebirth and regeneration of nature, that the pairing of most of the animals, plants start to bloom and in turn, the germs of life are reborn all over around us.
At an astrological approach, this moment shows that when the Sun passes from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aries. Therefore, we witness the ending and the beginning of a mysterious cycle of zodiac.  Especially now, the man becomes, analogically speaking, like a volcano, which is about to explode. This is why he becomes often able to do unusual things. The meditative and contemplative nature of Pisces is now allowed with spontaneity and the self-assertive wish of the Aries.
Especially now unusual sacrifices and excessive idealism are removed and the concrete experiences are exalted; direct actions are performed in order to materialize as well as possible our inner aspirations. Man has to fully adjust now to these regenerating needs of refreshment, of awakening from the state of sleep, and the necessity to stop the hibernation process (this stage, with a significance both material, social and spiritual). Man must tune as good as possible to the mysterious cycles of nature, as especially now resisting these needs would be like swimming against the flood. In some cases, this phenomenon of un-adaptation will often generate states of fatigue, nervosity without reason – which is generally stated in medical terms as "spring asthenia".

This mysterious moment of hiatus spontaneously relates us to the huge subtle energies of the beginning, to the optimistic enthusiasm which occurs in every new beginning of life. This moment of effervescence also boosts vitality in a fascinating way. It awakes in a harmonious way virility and feminity, as it urges the ecstatic experience of the mysterious tumult of the spring, which makes us be spontaneous, courageous, dynamic and active. 
Monday, 21st   March, between 14.10-15.05 - Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun conjunct Uranus. Effects: this moment is utterly favourable for awakening and activating in the being the state of Christian Consciousness. It also helps understanding of the mysterious aspects of life, it enables overcoming of conditionings and prejudices of all kind. This aspect awakes and increases creative intelligence, activates the power of understanding of the great divine truths, helps telepathic communication, triggers artistic inspiration, activates creativity, enthusiasm beneficial dynamism. It's an opportunity for harmonious integration in spiritual groups and engenders the state of fraternal and elevated brotherhood. It helps fructification of divine inspirations and makes possible the firm direction of the will towards the mysterious, ineffable state of divine channel.   

Friday, 25th March, between 17.00-17.45 - Meditation of communion to the Christian holiday the ANNOUNCEMENT.
held in unison countrywide. From 21.50 there will be the YANG SPIRAL MEDITATION OF INVOCATION OF THE DIVINE GRACE, in the unison countrywide. In Bucharest, both spirals will take place at Pipera 1st hall.
Saturday, 26th March/Sunday 27th March, daylight saving time starts at 1.00am will be 2.00am.

Sunday, 27th March, between 4.15-5.00 - Meditation of communion to a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus conjunct Neptune. Effects:
awakes and enhances creative inner force and triggers a state of erotic refinement. Awakes artistic sense and urges sensitivity and creative imagination. It supports a process of spiritual transformation and refinement of the beneficial feelings. It awakes and enhances spiritual aspiration. It generates a state of cosmic affectivity in the being. It promotes awakening and enhancement of mystical experiences; helps successful participation in achieving the great spiritual ideals of humankind.
March 2011