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Note: The hours are according to Romanian time zone.

Motto: "Sometimes people stumble over the truth, yet only the foolish get up immediately and keep walking indifferently."
ATTENTION!!! Each one of these beneficial moments, which spiritually speaking are hidden gifts that God offers us, help us to enter and experience THE SECRETS OF OCCULT ASTRAL RESONANCES. By firmly and continuously focusing on these ineffable moments they offer us the chance to experience THE MYSTERY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT totally and profoundly.

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Sunday, June 12th - The descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost). From  13.00-13.45: Meditation of communion with the Christian holiday of the Descent of the Holy Spirit which puts us in resonance with the ineffable Divine Grace which is bestowed into our inner universe.

Monday, June 13th , from 02.30-03.00 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in conjunction with Mercury.Effects: It awakens and dynamizes a harmonious state of solarity, the spirit of initiative, a detached state of competitiveness, it offers clarity of thought, it awakens the practical sense, and efficiency in benefic practical actions, ingeniosity. This aspect also awakens and amplifies memory and the power of the intellect, facilitatig the manifestation of oratoric actions. It brings the full manifestation of courage and supports us to take to a good end the beneficial actions which we have started. It facilitates the manifestation of the oratory capacities. It amplifies certain processes of purification at the level of the solar plexus and it sustains the harmonious aspiration for self improving, as well as the one for lucid and detached affirmation. It facilitates the appearance of a state of harmony between the mental sphere and the vital sphere of the being, it awakens creativity. This aspect increases firmness in the expressing of benefic ideas. It improves attention and the power of concentration. It is a favourable moment for the full of responsibility sharing of the spiritual knowledge which has been accumulated and for the fruitful study of spiritual teachings. It generates a profound phenomena of solarity in the mental sphere. It is a favourable moment for detachment from the obsessive ideas.

Tuesday, June 14th - Tripura SUNDARI. The moment of maximum benefit is at 00.16 (Monday to Tuesday). The favorable period for lovemaking in a couple relationship with love, continence and transfiguration is from 19.00 (Monday, June13th) and 09.00 (Tuesday, June 14th). Special Meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI  is done from 00.00 - 00.45 (Monday to Tuesday).

Wednesday, June 15th - Full Moon. The period of negative influence of the Full Moon begins Wednesday, June 15th, at 05.05 and it ends Thursday, June 16th, at 17.13. The moment of maximum negative influence of the Full Moon is Wednesday, June 15th, at 23.13.

Friday, June 17th, from 07.00-07.45 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in triad with Neptune. Effects: This astrological aspect awakens intuitive, telepathic capabilities and creative visualization, it dynamizes the premoitory capacities and it facilitates the awakening of healing capacities through biomagnetic passes.

Saturday, June 18th, from 03.20-04.05 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in sextile with Jupiter. Effects: It helps the clear expression of beneficial experiences and affective emotions, it amplifies patience, perseverance and continuity in expressing pure and elevated feelings. It awakens the ability for profound knowledge, it awakens and amplifies respect for the others, and practical sense in relationships between people. It favors fruitful and harmonious collaboration with the other beings, both in the material as well as in the spiritual spheres. It awakens the aspiration towards spiritual knowledge, it dynamizes discernment and superior mental abilities. It is a mysterious favourable moment for discovering spiritual truth and for removing role play and our fake personalities through a state of lucid detachment. It facilitates the appearance of a state of mental expansion, it allows paranormal communication with highly evolved spiritual beings, it facilitates intuition and profound understanding of spiritual laws.

Saturday, June 18th, from 07.15-08.00 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in triad to Saturn. Effects: It favors spontaneous, free expression of beneficial emotions, it awakes  and enhances continuity in expressing beneficial feelings. It supports a state of deepness and respect in relationships between people. It enables a good colaboration and uderstanding between people, both in the social and in the spiritual spheres. It awakes and enhances discernment, moderation, responsibility in relationships, it also awakes and enhances tact and diplomacy in the being.

Tuesday, June 21st, The Sun enters the sign of Cancer. From 19.45-21.15: Meditation of intense, deep and mysterious communion to enter into occult resonance whith the moment of  the Summer Solstice. The maximum moment of the summer solstice is Tuesday, June 21st at 20.16.

Wednesday, June 22nd, from 16.50-17.35 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in triad with Neptune. Effects: This astrological aspect awakens and stimulates intuition and creative imagination, it enhances refined sensuality and  artistic sense. It awakens the ability of clairvoyance and inspiration.

Friday, June 24th, from 15.00-15.45 - Meditation of intense and profound communion with St. John the Baptist.

Friday, June 24th - Midsummer Day. From 22.00-23.15: Intense and profound meditation of intense spiritual emphatic communion with the Fairies (Fees) (to facilitate this mysterious communication it is recommended that 3 hours before the meditation to be administered under the tougue 5 grams of herb Goldenrod, finely grinded). To facilitate the entering into occult resonance with the MYSTERIOUS WORLD  OF FAIRIES we suggest to do this meditation  in nature (preferably in a quiet forest or a meadow) or in the city in a park with  trees and greenery. Optionally, before this examplification, one can make an offering of light with seven candles that will be consecrated to the fairies and they will be blessed 7 times. When this meditation is done in a forest, we aim to evoke in a loving way the fairies and we seek to perceive them as beautiful, pure, affectionate female creatures, radiating a specific candor. I the end, we may ask them to inspire us in our daily existence and to help us awaken our intuition and to assist us in descovering the mysteries of the nature.

Saturday, June 25th / Sunday 26th June from 01.00 - 9.00 - Extraordinary spiritual exemplification that will be consecrated to the Great Cosmic Power MATANGI.

Sunday, June 26th, from 02.40 - 03.25 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in sextile with Jupiter. Effects: This aspect amplifies the state of inner expansion, generosity, dignity and kindness. It brings into manifestation the love for truth and beauty, optimism and joy of living. It awakenes didactic sense, it favors the expression of oratorical qualities, and the profound identification with the spiritual guide. It offers the chance to awaken in our being the state of conscious dedication towards the spiritual ideal, it favors the awakening of the soul and  the ability to make decisions full of wisdom.

Monday, June 27th, from 13.10-13.55 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in sextile with Uranus. Effects: It facilitates the amplification of the state of divine relay, it awakens inspiration and originality. It gives us the ability to easily overcome stiffness, prejudices and limitations, representing an opportunity to develop our courage and initiative, oriented towards the accomplishemt of deeply transformative and beneficial purposes. It gives refined passion and spontaneity. It awakens and amplifies the beneficial dynamism in the being, it facilitates innovative initiatives, it awakens and stimulates the ability to act quickly and efficiently, it awakens and dynamizes courage and intelligence.

Wednesday, June 29th - SHIVARATRI. From 23.30-01.00: Meditation of communion with Shiva - the moment of SHIVARATRI.

Wednesday, June 29th, from 13.30 - 14.15 - Meditation of spiritual communion with the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
June 2011