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(Note: all hours listed in the program are according to Romanian time)
“Sometimes people stumble on the truth, yet only the foolish get up immediately and keep walking indifferently.”

Each one of these beneficial moments, which spiritually speaking are hidden gifts that God offers us, help us to enter and experience THE SECRETS OF OCCULT ASTRAL RESONANCES. By firmly and continuously focusing on these ineffable moments they offer us the chance to experience THE MYSTERY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT totally and profoundly.
Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
Tuesday, November 8th , Tripura Sundari. From 13.10 - 13.55 – meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic  Power Tripura Sundari. The favorable period for couple love-making with love, transfiguration and continence is from 4.30- 24.00.The moment of maximum influence is on Tuesday, November 8th, at 13.28.

Tuesday, November 8th , from 17.00-17.45 - Meditation of communion with the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Thursday, November 10th - Full Moon.
The period of negative influence of the Full Moon begins Thursday, November 10th, at 4.16 and it ends Friday, November 11th, at 14.16. The moment of maximum influence of the Full Moon is Thursday, November 10th, at 22.16.

Thursday, November 17th, from 23.50-24.35- Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in triad with Jupiter. Effects:
it enables intuition and the practical valuing of spiritual laws, it develops spontaneity and courage. It awakes nobility, love for truth and righteousness. It enhances the wish to express the spiritual potential and enforces the assuming of responsibilities. It brings the state of enthusiasm, it provides success in the material sphere, it awakens practical availabilities of everyday use, it awakens generosity, it favors creative expression, it awakes self-confidence, the power to express spiritual truths.

Tuesday, November 22nd , from 10.00-10.45 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect:  Venus in sextile with Saturn. Effects: This aspect awakens a state of spiritual maturity in the emotional sphere, it dynamizes the impulse of manifesting feelings. It leads to the overcoming of the superficiality and improves the control upon the inferior passions. It awakens in the being self respect and fidelity in couple relationships. It favors the awakening and amplifying of the state of abnegation. The mysterious energy of this aspect awakens the power of perceiving in a spontaneous way the inner beauty and it facilitates the reaching of the state of affective maturity; it awakens emotional responsibility. It brings an ineffable state of balance between the need for exteriorizing and that for inner reflection, generating a state of harmony between the material and the spiritual spheres.

Wednesday, November 23rd , from 12.00-12.45 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in triad with Uranus. Effects: it brings a sense of originality, inventiveness, it awakens  the innovative spirit, it stimulates tendencies towards creative activities that are conducted in a spiritual group. It awakens the state of detachment, it increases inner dynamism, it facilitates the overcoming of enchaining prejudices.

Wednesday, November 23rd – SHIVARATRI. From 23.30 – 01.00 – meditation of communion with Shiva.

Friday, November 25th from 03.35-04.20 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in sextile with Neptune. Effects: It allows the deep and profound empathic understanding of other people´s feelings and inner experiences; it makes possible the euphoric expansion of the being in the macrocosmic affective sphere, it allows the awakening of deep states of compassion and humbleness, it facilitates the appearance of states of detached love and unconditional surrendering to God. It awakens and amplifies the state of detachment and the power of transfiguration of the beings we love. It awakens inspiration, artistic creativity, sensitivity and esthetic refinement, intuition, it favors the appearance of romantic love, it makes possible the subtle, telepathic communion with the superior astral realms and it allows us to consciously connect with subtle angelic entities. It creates the possibility to remove attachments and to exemplary transfigure the beloved one.

Sunday, November 27th, from 23.10-23.55 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in triad with Jupiter. Effects: It awakens and amplifies into the being generosity, tolerance, kindness, optimism, it brings in our inner universe the intense and complete experience of the state of happiness without object. It favors health improvement, it brings an ineffable state of harmonious integration into the social sphere, it favors success in the material plane. It facilitates the entering into deep empathic, telepathic communion with spirits of nature and with the spiritual guides from the subtle paradisiacal worlds that exist in the astral universe; it awakens and amplifies the state of harmony and spiritual elevation, it also makes possible a state of profound spiritual communion with the Spiritual Guide from the physical world, it brings a state of emotional, euphoric expansion and it favors abundance.

Wednesday, November 30th, from 14.00-14.45 - Meditation of communion with St. Andrew.

November 2011