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Pretexting the support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Pope Benedict XVI actually serves the New World Order

by Andrei Popescu
The Vatican requires the creation of a "global public authority" and of a "global central bank” governing financial institutions, because they have become "obsolete and ineffective". The document submitted by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace to the Vatican on Monday, October 24, 2011, is addressed to all Catholics. This leaves the appearance that it supports the occupants on Wall Street because it condemns the economic crisis, but the solution proposed is, as the title suggests "To Reform the International Financial and Monetary System in the context of a “Global Public Authority", a democratic one.
We note once again the sly way in which different political characters, after the Occupy Wall Street movement developed, assume an association with it, in order to attract the sympathy of the masses, but in reality they only want to use it to follow their own interests!
Using words of commiseration towards the impoverished nations, protesting in front of the greedy and selfish politicians, Pope Benedict XVI manipulates public opinion in order to convince it that the formation of a "universal jurisdiction", a "supranational authority” active at a global level, is the solution to the economic crisis. "In fact, you can see the urgent necessity to create an institution which has the role of a «world central bank» to adjust the monetary system and transaction flows as a central bank", argues Benedict XVI. "Of course, this transformation will be done gradually, by transferring part of the power of each nation to a world authority." added the Pope.
We remind you that it is not for the first time when Pope Benedict XVI suggested the introduction of a single global authority. In December 2005 and July 2009, Benedict XVI has urged the Christians to prove they are united in the creation of "a New World Order".
Within the speech addressed to the thousands of Catholics in 2009, the Pope said: "Men and women of today, humanity has become so fragile in mind and will, let the Child of Bethlehem to take you by the hand! Fear not, trust in Him! The force of life conferred by His light urges us to form a New World Order based on correct ethical and economic relationships."!?!

The Pope actually expects us to believe that JESUS is the one that inspired the satanic sect of Freemasonry to enslave the whole planet through the New World Order, which he refers to as a unique planetary state!? Judge for yourselves which is the truth behind these falsified and perfidious manipulations!
Pope Benedict XVI and the U.S. President Barack Obama 
Pope Benedict XVI and the Freemason Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie (Prince and Grand Master of the order of Malta, from 1988 to 2008)

Benedict XVI and Henry Kissinger (founder of the Bilderberg Club along with David Rockefeller)
Pope Benedict XVI, back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, took a leading role in trying to undermine the authenticity of the Miracle of Fatima. In the official document issued by the Vatican signed by Cardinal Ratzinger, it is stated that the third Secret of Fatima is "nothing different from what Christians know already." He added that perhaps much of sister Lucia’s information is the fruit of her imagination because "the Third Secret refers only to facts which have already occurred and contains no prophecy about the future."
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote the preface to a book published by the Vatican in 2001, “The Jewish people and their sacred scriptures from the Christian Bible” in which it is submitted and accepted by the faith of the Jews, that JESUS CHRIST is not that Messiah, about which it is spoken in the Old Testament; the Jews still await the coming of Christ. In this preface, Cardinal Ratzinger writes that "the wait of the Jews is not in vain", "to deeply understand the Jewish faith you should read the Bible accepting the idea that JESUS is not the Messiah, the son of GOD. Christians should accept that this interpretation of the Bible by the Jews can be justified…"
In conclusion, it is obvious that Pope Benedict XVI is a mere ‘puppet’ who aims to destabilize Christianity through the political and economic manipulation of millions of naive Christians.

18 January 2012




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