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> Seven reasons to practice KARMA YOGA
 by Monica Dascălu       Karma Yoga is the path of selfless action and detached makes possible spontaneous release in unison aspirant with d

> Healing plants that can be successfully used in spiritual practice to activate the subtle energy centers of force
To activate the subtle energy centers of force, in addition to specific yogic methods, we can use certain healing plants (curing herbs), which if ingested daily, with perseverance, will allow the awakening in our being of the energies specific to each center of...

> Being Conscious through the Yoga Practice
The wise men of the Orient, the Rishis, teach that Union with the Divine already potentially exists within us. However due to insufficient spiritual development, we are generally not conscious of this state of fusion with God, the Macrocosm. We see duality and multiplicity everywhere...

> HERE and NOW: Fundamental Landmarks in YOGA Practice
  In the spiritual practice, there is an important emphasis on the awareness of the present moment, that is on the “here” and “now”. In his rush for happiness, the i

> Stages and difficulties in SADHANA (the spiritual training)
an article by Gregorian Bivolaru In our SADHANA (the spiritual practice) countless traps can occur, which can divert us from the direct and ascending path leading us to the spiritual realization. Thus it’s necessary to have a larger view regarding the way we still have to...

> Resonance in yoga
By being aware of the effects of resonance, the effects of practicing yoga can increase a thousandfold In  the yoga system, all processes and yoga techniques are based on the principle of resonance. Each yogic process engages, if properly executed, a resonance phenomena...

> Activating Vishuddha Chakra helps us experience the archetypal state of a child
by Monica Dascălu All the saints, all the great sages, all the books of wisdom talk about the need to approach the great spiritual ideals with the heart of a child. The state of a divine child that exists in the soul of each of us is characterized by purity, innocence and...

> DHARANA disciplines the mind
by Iulia Radu The mind is like a monkey: the more you want to quiet it using force, the more it will refuse to comply and will jump even more

> The importance of awareness in YOGA practice and in daily life (1)
by Daciana Matei   „"Not born fully lucid spiritually, man must gradually become fully aware, through his own efforts that have to be carried out with perseverance throughout his evolution. This difficult mission (for some) has to be fulfilled as soon as possible by...

> The importance of the process of awareness in YOGA practice and daily life (2)
Awareness in PRANAYAMA procedures and its applications in everyday life   by Daciana Matei   Read here the first part of this article