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Concordia Yoga Forum, an extraordinary platform that promotes authentic spirituality

A project expected for some time by many of us eventually came to life. Concordia Yoga Forum team invites you to communicate with yogis from all around the world, reading and sharing information about issues related to yoga practice, to enjoy a veritable library of books and articles and discover information about workshops, spiritual camps, important conferences and initiations that are taking place in the schools abroad, thus being able to form a true brotherhood between practitioners who are following the genuine spiritual paths of the various currents and guidance.
Concordia Yoga Forum is an independent, non-profit platform, carried out by a group of yoga practitioners and instructors passionate and spirited from all over the world, within the Atman Federation. The purpose of this platform is to promote and highlight the importance of traditional values of the millennial Yoga system and of the authentic spirituality, which represents practical and affordable ways to discover the Truth, Spiritual Freedom and Self-Realization. In addition, the forum aims to be a source of accurate and relevant information about certain sensitive issues in the context of the modern crusade brought against the authentic spirituality and especially in the misinformation campaign of lies and slander that is already bombarding MISA yoga school for years through all available media channels.
Concordia Yoga Forum provides access to genuine spiritual information and the opportunity to share experiences in the sensitive area of inner realization and even the opportunity to ask personal questions and receive answers from millennial Yoga system practitioners with an extensive experience (over 20 -30 years of practice and teaching).
Anyone who is interested and has the possibility can promote Concordia Yoga Forum through social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), emails or newsletters. You can find more information here.



October 15, 2013