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Meditations, favorable astrological conjunctures and spiritual events for November 2014

Motto: ”Sometimes people stumble over the truth, but only the foolish one are rising immediately and indifferently continue walking on their path.”

Attention! Each of these beneficial moments that are hidden gifts we are given by God, are helping us entering and enjoying, in a spiritual way, the secrets of occult astral resonances. The strong and continuous focus of our attention on these ineffable moments offer us the opportunity to live fully and deeply the mystery of the present moment.
by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

(Note: All hours in the program are according to Romanian time)

Tuesday, november 11, between 0.50-1.35 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in conjunction with Pluto.Effects: Improves our capability to transmutate the creative potential into energy and facilitates the harmonious sublimation of the resultant energies. Favours the control of our inner energies and facillitates the success of beneficent and decided actions. Awakens and aplyfies the power of transfiguration facilitates the elimination of fears of all sort and of prejudices. Gives a better control over the inferior inclinations. Leads the being in a natural and spontaneouss way to perform beneficent and divinely inspired actions. Opens the inner  universe to a state of communion with the Divine Will.

Wednesday, November 13, between 5.20-6.05 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury trine Neptune. Effects: it awakes the telepathic, intuitive abilities and the creative visualization. It enhances premonition abilities and facilitates the awakening of healing capabilities by bio-magnetic passes.

Thursady, November 13,  between 2.45-3.30 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in conjunction with Saturn. Effects: Becuase of the fact that Saturn governs over time and space and also upon the patience needed in order not to miss any detail, this aspect allowes stability into the emotional level, responsability and fidelity manifestated into the friendship and love relationships. Amplyfies the sense of justice, loiality and correctness into the relationships with others.

Saturday, November 15, from 14.57 - YANG spiral of communion with the soul of the Hungarian nation and Romanian soul, performed together in several towns in Hungary and Romania. In Bucharest, the spiral will be held in Pipera 1 (locker room).

Saturday, November 15, from 22.50 - Extraordinary Collective Invocation consisting of 14 invocations, performed in unison in several cities across the country.

Sunday, 16 noiembrie, between 15.40-16.25 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury sextile Pluto.Effects: It awakens and promotes the emergence of a refined way of thinking and the power of mental acumen. It also represents a chance to discover new ways to overcome the mental sphere by cultivating a state of abandonment to the Will of God the Father. Facilitates the occurrence of a spontaneous state of transfiguration and also gives a very good control over mental fluctuations. Develops and supports the aspiration to transform, make possible the conscious access into the collective subconscious, allows overcoming of phobias. It is a very favorable moment for overcoming obstacles of all kinds; also this moment raises the speed of thinking (the mental ability to find creative and beneficial solutions), while associating it with the force of mental acumen; it awakens the energy of the individual will, it awakens and stimulates the spontaneous process of sublimation of the energies in the mental sphere, encourages the manifestation of a great beneficial mental strength, it brings a state of unshakable firmness regarding spiritual beliefs, and it awakens the ability to project ourselves (to travel) at will in the astral worlds.

Sunday, November 16, from 21.00 - YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Tuesday, November 18,  between 10.35-11.20 - Meditaţie de comuniune cu un aspect astrologic benefic: Sun in conjunction with Saturn.Efecte: Awakens and amplifies the responsability towards all beneficent and divinely integrated actions, amplifies self confidence, gives profoundness into relationships and the ability to engage into long time activities. Allows the manifestation of the organisation spirit, moderation, tenacity, skillfulness into the practical domains.

Thursday, November 20, between 23.30-1.00 - Special meditation of communion with SHIVA, on the occasion of SHIVARATRI moment.

Friday, November 21, between 15.45-16.30 - Mercury sextile Mars. Effects: Meditating on the subtle beneficial energy of this aspect awakens and stimulates mental capabilities as well as intuitive beneficial sensorial perceptions. Facilitates the aspiration for knowledge and understanding of the beauty of life, facilitates the ecstatic identification with Nature, and facilitates the perception of God in His hypostasis as the one that manifests the mysterious subtle force of life. It awakens the ability to act beneficially in an intelligent and aware manner, stimulates mental strength and the courage to express strongly our ideas. It amplifies mental acumen, practical intelligence, passion and romance. This aspect gives the opportunity to overcome superficiality, fear, doubts, by awakening the mental force and the spontaneity in action; facilitates overcoming inertia , awakening the ability to find creative and efficient solutions, it confers clarity of expression. Stimulates the ability to translate beneficial ideas into action and facilitate practical harnessing of mental perceptions. Encourages creativity, competitiveness, combativeness; is a good opportunity to get rid of stupid prejudices. Induces a smooth integration in the social sphere, stimulates and enhances spontaneity and speed in making decisions, awakens the state of harmony between the mental and the astral sphere.

Saturday, November 22, from 10.00 - YANG spiral meditation followed by induction of the state of spiritual liberation through Divine Miracle and Collective prayer to God the Father, performed in unison in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa and Iaşi.

Sunday, November 23, from 21.00 - YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Wednesday, November 26, between 4.20-5.05 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury conjunct with Saturn.Effects: This astrological aspect awakens and amplifies the perseverance, favors the appearance of leadership skills, communication abilities, awakens and stimulates the ability of discrimination.

Thursday, November 27, between 2.05-2.50 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Uranus. Effects: It awakens in the human being the intense aspiration to a state of inner freedom, it facilitates the emergence of a state of detachment, allows separation of foolish preconceptions on the couple relationship; it helps harmonizing the couple relationships. Amplifies the state of selfless abandonment through love and promotes separation of various vices, possessiveness, attachment, and bad habits that block us and limit our spiritual transformation. Favors the appearance of inventiveness, superior creativity and spontaneity within our amorous relationships; it triggers the appearance of surprising beneficial solutions to certain conflicting situations.

Saturday, November 29, from 21.00 - Saturday October 25, from 21.00 – YANG spiral for awakening the Romanian people soul, performed in unison all over the country (Romania).

Sunday, November 30, from 17.00 - The meeting of THE GROUP FOR DEEPENING THE RELATION SPIRITUAL GUIDE – ASPIRANT.

Sunday, November 30, between 19.00-19.45 - Meditation of communion with St. Andrew.

Sunday, November 30, from 21.00 - YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

November 2014