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Registration for the participation in the exceptional spiritual event on September 6, 2015

The persons who want to participate in the exceptional spiritual event that will take place on September 6, 2015 will register before, between August 26 – August 30, 2015. For the persons who, for objective reasons, cannot register in this period, registration can also be done on September 5, 2015.
For the registration, 2 recent photos are necessary (ID type or 10cm/15cm size). On the back of the photos, the personal data shall be written (name, surname, city, country, date of birth, phone number).
It is necessary that each participant who will register personally shows an original identification document (ID, passport).
Registration can also be done through another person, who will bring a copy of the ID of the person for whom they want to submit the necessary documents for the registration in the event. On that copy, the owner of the ID will clearly write his/her name, will sign and will add the specification “According to the original”, also indicating in writing what is the name of the person that they authorize to do their registration for the event.
The registrations will be done at the Yogis’ Spiral Field, in Costineşti.

AUGUST 26, 2015         10.00 – 12.00    16.00 – 19.00
AUGUST 27, 2015         10.00 – 13.00    16.00 – 18.00
AUGUST 28, 2015         12.00 – 14.00    16.00 – 19.00
AUGUST 29, 2015         10.00 – 13.00    16.00 – 18.30
AUGUST 30, 2015         10.00 – 13.00    16.00 – 19.00

August 2015