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Press Release. The judiciary and the media in Romania have staged a set-up regarding Gregorian Bivolaru’s recent arrest in France

MISA press office in Bucharest hereby expresses its profound indignation regarding the set-up staged by the media and authorities in Romania against Gregorian Bivolaru. The despicable set-up culminated on February 26, 2016 with the arrest of the yoga teacher in Paris, where Gregorian Bivolaru was visiting a book fair.

In keeping with his status of political refugee in Sweden and holding a perfectly valid passport, and also in keeping with the provisions of the Geneva Convention, Gregorian Bivolaru enjoys the right of free movement in any of the European Union member states, with the exception of Romania.

It should not take any one too long to notice that, for a good cause, in Romania Gregorian Bivolaru’s arrest was preceded and prepared by a huge media scandal, mounted with the clear purpose of instigating the public opinion under the ludicrous pretext that Gregorian Bivolaru allegedly is ... „Europe’s most dangerous criminal”.

Authorities and the media in Romania have stated that there is an arrest warrant isued on Gregorian Bivolaru’s name for the charges of „sexual exploitation of children” and „infantile pornography”.
However, such public accusations are totally illegal and false!

MISA press office would like to kindly remind everybody that Gregorian Bivolaru has only been sentenced for a „sexual act with an underage female person”. We would also like to emphasize that even such a sentence was an abusive act, since it was forcefully pronounced after the Supreme Court in Bucharest manipulated, using the loopholes provided by the law, the retrial of the case.
Two courts in Romania, totally independent from one another, had previosuly cleared Gregorian Bivolaru of exactly the same charges used by the Supreme Court in Bucharest against him.

Also highly significant is the fact that the so-called victim continuously denied having had a sexual relationship with Gregorian Bivolaru. The alleged „victim” filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights, against the abuse perpetrated by the Romanian authorities.

MISA press office would like to take this opportunity emphasizing that Gregorian Bivolaru did in NO way meet any requirements whereby he should be included on the Europol list. The Enfast policemen in Romania simply forged the charges against Gregorian Bivolaru, making a serious abuse as regards their institutional right to use the Europol site.

We would also like to remind everybody of the existence of the most recent Court Decision, issued by the Tribunal in Cluj in February 2015. Specifically, after the prosecutors’a attempt to charge Gregorian Bivolaru with human trafficking and organizing a crime ring (as a result of the despicable and violent search operations of 2004) the court in Cluj decided to clear Bivolaru Gregorian of all charges!

In the last few days in Romania, we have witnessed the emergence of a repressive action which almost totally resembles the brutalities the authorities perpetrated in 2004 against Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA yoga students. This is a kind of action the authorities have initiated in full force and which has been loudly accompanied by all media channels across the country. The printed media and the TV stations were assigned the mission to „persuade” the public opinion to consent to such public lynching perpetrated with exactly the same tools of the communist regime, with no critical thinking of the matter. These days, just like in 2004, no Romanian journalist has had the courage to point to the truth, which once again is proof of the fact that mass-media in Romania is totally subservient
to someone else.
We are totally confident that the line European institutions, and especially those in France, will discover the fraud perpetrated by the Romanian authorities! We firmly believe that the French magistrates will release Gregorian Bivolaru immediately, thus respecting the fundamental rights Mr. Bivolaru is entitled to, in keeping with international treaties.

We are also confident that the European legal staff will place sanctions against the authorities in Bucharest for the way they made use of the European instruments (such as Enfast and Europol) with the purpose of perpetrating extremely aggravated abusive actions, which are incompatible with the standards of a European Union member state.

MISA Press Office
February 27, 2016 

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