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How can we realize that the media campaign is nothing else but an INTOXICATION


by Angela Anghel

INTOXICATION is a disinformation tactic which originates from the military – where it just means spreading false information to the enemy, in order to mislead and to make impossible guessing the strategy which is used against it. If some real info already slipped, intoxication implies spreading of a lot of different data, even contradictory, in order to completely confuse the enemy.

Extended to media, disinformation of the public by intoxication means releasing a big number of articles, news, transmissions and data on a certain subject. The coherence is not needed for all these. The most important thing is to generate confusion and, if possible, a certain emotional reaction (e.g. hate, fear or rejection).
Intoxication points towards misleading the public opinion and giving an anesthesia on a certain subject. People will get bored of that subject. And will no longer be interested to understand it, to take attitude, to think or to take action for it.

A careful examination reveals that we are witnesses of an intoxication campaign on MISA-Gregorian Bivolaru subject, due to the big number of articles and info published on that subject. These articles cover a huge range of topics and formulate different accusations addressed to Gregorian Bivolaru, bringing to debate different illegal, immoral or outrageous facts.

Clear clues showing that it is an INTOXICATION policy

The first clue, which shows that this drive is nothing else but a disinformation and intoxication campaign for the public opinion, is the big number of articles and news on the subject, which are not directly connected to the events.

The variety of published info, including the fact that some information is contradictory, is another important clue. For media it doesn’t matter on what fact Gregorian Bivolaru would be guilty, the main thing is to frame him as guilty. If a REAL news would exist, all the media would be centered around it.

Another clue: if the accusations against Gregorian Bivolaru would have a real background, all information presented would contain very precise data and situations, and proofs and witnesses would exist. None of these are presented.

Another clue for this intoxication campaign of public opinion: sustaining the campaign, even if new facts don’t exist. All the news (in this case) contain the description of some facts which took place in a blurred past. Real news happen in present time. From a media point of view, last week is already ancient history. Why all kinds of stale things, which have been discussed thousands of times, are brought into debate again and again?

And another important clue: the lack of the accused person’s opinion. This shows that, in fact, journalists are not interested to document the facts or to discover the truth.

Five questions, five answers, one news data

In a very normal way, a news on a certain subject must be actual and of public interest. A good news well written answers to five important questions: Who (have done it)? What? When? Where? How? (and, if possible, to make a bigger analyze, ask the question: Why?)

If we review the information released recently by media on Gregorian Bivolaru we discover that it misses the essential elements of a real news data. The facts are insufficiently documented, and they present no proof. These facts are neither actual, nor for public interest. And all the news on this subject don’t answer clearly to the five questions mentioned above, except the first question (Who?).  

The five questions and answers seem to be, in this media campaign, as follows:
Who? Gregorian Bivolaru (and maybe other yogis).
What? Anything imaginable, with a sexual implication.
When? Don’t know.
Where? Don’t know.
How? In the most outrageous possible way!

And what about witnesses?

To cover the lack of credibility and of any real information, those who compose the materials for this disinformation campaign use so-called witnesses sometimes. In MISA-Bivolaru case, witnesses claimed by media are not at all the same with the court witnesses.

The most notorious case: the press presented Agnes Arabela Mureşan as being the minor with whom Gregorian Bivolaru supposedly had a relationship; and media fully released her testimonies, even if Gregorian Bivolaru has been accused for a supposed relationship with someone else - Madalina Dumitru.  

Another case, Cecilia Tiz, a phony “MISA member who breaks the silence”, is a “witness on duty” for media, who “broke the silence” year after year in thousands of articles and posts on internet – what she forgot to mention is the fact that she is on SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) payroll and also that she has been condemned, in Germany, for calumny addressed to some yogis.

What we can see is just 2-3 so-called witnesses and a babbling of outrageous facts which involve tens, hundreds or even thousands of people. How is it possible, if so many people would have been involved, to lack proofs and witnesses?

We invite you to analyze the media published materials in this light and to send your questions and comments to redactie@yogaesoteric.net.


March 2016