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Bivolaru case: THE TRUTH hidden behind media campaign

by Angela Anghel

In the last days, Bivolaru-MISA case is again on every media channel. The one who tries to keep oneself updated by the media on this case, and wants to establish a correct opinion, ends by being confused. Despite the huge amount of news, transmissions and articles on the subject, it is practically impossible to unravel the real facts which sustains this media turmoil.

We assist to an intoxication campaign

The considerable amount of news and articles on Bivolaru case is not a real press campaign, but a public opinion INTOXICATION campaign. By releasing a lot of information on this subject, many of it contradictory, media tries to create an unfavorable trend towards Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA yoga school.

The method is extremely efficient, even if we may wonder how this can succeed, given the conditions in which these news are, from a journalistic point of view, very poorly realized, poorly documented and, the worst, not conformable to the truth? Very simple.
First of all, almost all the materials released by press are convergent: all of them express a negative opinion on Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA, all of them provide scandalous ideas and refer to immoral, blamable facts. It’s like gossiping, but at a millions of times higher scale. It doesn’t matter the reality, as long as the lies instigate to be spread, commented etc.
Second, the intoxication aims to the anesthesia of the public opinion on a certain subject. In other words, it focuses to bring the public in a state of confusion, saturation, inertia and total lack of interest on what is happening, in fact, in this case. Under the created confusion, authorities have enough space to engineer abusive actions.

What this intoxication campaign hides

The public opinion intoxication campaign provided by media in Bivolaru case aims to hide very simple facts:

- Gregorian Bivolaru has been chased for years on the pretext that he “endangers the national security”. He has been abusively arrested in 2004, without a prosecution or bringing warrant on his name, and after that he has been accused, in an engineered file, of “sexual act with a minor” (important thing! the minor denies this).

- Romanian state has spent immense amounts of money, over 5 millions euro, for the investigation through which Gregorian Bivolaru has been accused of “sexual act with a minor”, under the conditions that the supposed “victim” does not recognize the facts and has nothing to claim.

-Romanian state is guilty from many abuses against Gregorian Bivolaru and other yoga practitioners. Among these there are: illegal surveillance and tracking, perquisitions without warrant, confiscation of goods (robbery) during illegal perquisitions, attempts to manufacture the file, releasing false information through the press, sustenance (by inflaming by the authorities) of a media campaign full of hate in order to marginalize yoga practitioners in society.

- From many accusations spread by the press against Gregorian Bivolaru, a big majority of them have never arrived in a court of justice, and this is not because the prosecutors didn’t try. For the formulated accusations in court, the judge instance decided: those facts didn’t exist! But the press continue to publish accusations against Gregorian Bivolaru as if they were proven facts, while he was already found to be not guilty.

- Romanian state abusively requested European authorities to track Gregorian Bivolaru, by Europol, for misdemeanors as trafficking minors and infant pornography. This request would be, in a legal way, possible only if Gregorian Bivolaru would be condemned for these misdemeanors. Romanian police has done a gross false in this request to Europol, and now it tries, through the Romanian press, to cover it by a smoke curtain, giving the impression that Gregorian Bivolaru is a very dangerous felon which has done many “sex crimes” (a term undefined in  a juridical point of view).

To hide all these abuses, Romanian authorities now need the press support; therefore the utmost scandalous accusations have been released in order to distract the attention from the lack of ground in this case.
A similar campaign took place in 2004 when, despite the flagrant violence and abuses done by authorities against yogis, the public opinion had no reaction and those who were guilty for that – namely individuals within the authorities – have never been sanctioned.

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