BONUS 14-DAY REPLAY. Happy International Women’s Day with LiveOnlineShakti

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Moments from Spiritual Healing Through Yoga - The 2nd LiveOnlineYoga Edition
Women's Day - March 8th
BONUS 14-DAY REPLAY: The Superlative of Femininity

The 9th LiveOnlineYoga Edition

A New FREE Webinar from

8th March 2023.

Please celebrate International Women’s Day at the FIRST live online shakti group from the lineage of our school – the LiveOnlineShakti group for women – and discover The Superlative of Femininity within you! We have years of experience ahead, from which you can benefit fully.

The men who aspire to awaken the Edenic androgynous state by connecting to their inner SHAKTI are also welcome to our event.

Webinar agenda:

  • A Delightful Introduction to the Wonderful Inner Universe of a SHAKTI (Part Six)
  • A new series of meditations
  • Q/A

A limited number of seats are available!

14-day webinar replay.

Donations welcome. Thank you.

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Bonus For Women Only

Women can sample two LiveOnlineShakti group meetings for FREE on this particular occasion.

Language: English.

Live Mondays, 18.30 – 21.00 GMT+2

LIVE course span: 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

Replay link from both present & past classes: 7 days.

Direct connection with your teacher and colleagues.

Minimum 40 presently live classes & other 40 past replay classes/ year.

Extensive printed notes and additional materials for each class.

Private support group & inner forum.

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Book Now Fertility Workshop

A valuable LiveOnlineYoga workshop on pre-pregnancy and prenatal

care, plus complementary methods for the support of feminine fertility.

Available formats:

  • LIVE on 10th March 2023, from 12.00-3.00 PM GMT+2 in Romanian & 3.00-6.00 PM GMT+2 in English,
  • Replay (14 days), and
  • Private consultations.


Details Here

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March 9, 2023


Also available in: Română

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