The Law of Cause and Effect

Every genuine cause that has not been erased has its own effect; and every effect that appears has its own cause that determined it. Everything takes place according to Universal laws established by God. “Luck” and “accident” are only names that the ignorant give to the law of necessity. Nobody can elude the divine laws God has established.

We have the tendency to approach the law of cause and effect in its most negative, pessimistic and ill-fated forms – this attitude seems almost normal. Our shallowness and mediocrity have us misunderstand this principle which is also called the law of karma, and to take appearances as reality. Nothing is fortuitous or by chance. There is a strong connection between events and what follows them. All thoughts appear from the mind, all actions are the consequences of our thoughts, all are links of the chain of cause and effect. This is the secret contained in divine spiritual law. Therefore it is necessary to train the mind in order to obtain happiness, as this is the emotional representation of spiritual evolution. Unfortunately most people limit their access to happiness and indulge in negative states. They abandon themselves passively to others’ will, for example when using the mass media. In this way they lose the ability to exercise their own will and allow themselves to become manipulated. The wise and initiated man can use divine law in an intelligent manner against the laws made by people. The superior prevails above the inferior. The common emotion of fear is a torment which blocks knowledge and stops evolution. Thus if we feel troubled we should freely admit our mistakes and move forward and so remain in a calm state. Our errors impact only on us; others” mistakes illustrate what level we are. If someone hurts us, he accumulates karma and this does not affect us. Therefore, we should not take revenge, but should instead ponder why we attracted that action upon us. The law of  “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, ” is thus nullified.

We must consider all our experiences as spiritual tests that allow us to confront our mistakes and learn from them. If we are unsuccessful in learning from this, we simply remain behind other advanced people that may surround us. For example, a man who murders will be murdered in the next existence. Through his action, he accumulates a duty towards himself. If we do not understand this, we will continue killing and being killed life after life. It is important therefore to become conscious, fair and honest with ourselves, to aspire to God, and to follow an upward trajectory towards heavenly divine fruit. All events take place because of causes we know little about; but once the mystery is solved they become natural.

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