The Law of Synchronicity

Everything is One and this is God The Father. This includes everything: me, you, her, creatures, the tattva-ic elements, and so on. To realize this can only be obtained by a supra-mental consciousness. This state of true harmony is impossible to be reached by mere mechanical understanding. The one who achieves this awareness is above the actions of people, beyond karma. The people who commit selfish actions merely illustrate how they misinterpret life, because appearances are different to reality. In order to see life as it really is, one should reach divine knowledge.

Through the Art of Blessing, Divine Consciousness is awakening in us. The person becomes moral; he will never harm anybody or anything. Divine Consciousness offers such mental peace that cannot be disturbed by anything; this is the most rapid way to obtain the Supreme goal. Regarding devotion, the love of an awakened person is greater than the love of a mother, because she feels separated from her child whereas the wise person is one with God.

It is necessary to tenaciously practice the Art of Blessing, because we can thus reach the Supreme Divine Reality. God is The One who transcends everything we perceive.

Cause, or Karma, can be revoked by knowledge, therefore knowledge is essential. The reason for being reborn is simply our ignorance. However if we can annihilate every desire, we will stop the cycle of rebirth and incarnating again.

Creation is an infinite spectrum of the underlying reality of people, things, and phenomena; with ourselves as conscious beings superior. But the One who created this is beyond all categories. He is transcendental because He is beyond our capability of rational knowledge. Through the Art of Blessing, or through any other efficient method where the Self is revealed by relating to the Supreme Consciousness, He lets Himself be known. When He is known, it eliminates any suffering according to our aspiration. A drop of Divine Grace corrects every mistake, heals every misfortune. The state in which we are freed from every desire grants us perfect peace, complete self contentment and inner reconciliation. Through the Art of Blessing, we reach the state of Communion with God, we get to know Him as “Sat – Chit – Ananda” (ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss). It clearly gives us the direct path and the means to reach Supreme realisation. However God’s Grace cannot be obtained without any effort. He offers us the Art of Blessing as a direct path to reach Him, but He can only be known by sustained individual practice.

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