The Law of Vibration

Nothing is motionless. Everything that exists is merely vibration that is manifested on different scales. Thus the difference between manifestations of matter, feelings, thoughts, and other phenomena has this simple explanation. The evolutionary scale is made of grades of frequencies from the dense to the subtle, ranging up to the Immortal Spirit of God. The higher the vibration, the more elevated the manifestation. In reality matter is composed of energetic particles in continuous motion of a certain rhythm. Pythagoras discovered that motion is characteristic to every thing or being. Even what seems to be inert has a certain frequency of vibration. Everything that exists in the Universe was created by Divine Energy. An object subjected to vibration can seem perfectly immobile for example, the spokes of a wheel in motion appear as a compact fixed object. Therefore we should not allow ourselves to be fooled by appearances. Rather, we should seek further in order to be closer to reality and to see if a thing object is coarse or refined. We will discover that light, heat, magnetism and electricity are nothing but vibratory phenomena. This is also true for thoughts, emotions, moods, and willpower: they are all vibratory states, emitted towards the exterior, having a larger or smaller impact upon the environment.

The law of vibration represents the ability to intervene in lower levels of manifestation in order to produce the desired transformations.

According to the law of vibration, Supreme Energy is attracted to our being through the technique of the Art of Blessing. It comes from God The Father and is the Ultimate Supreme Energy that originates from the Ultimate Spirit of God. By attracting it, we make the first step on the path of Divine Love. This energy is the direct answer God The Father offers to everyone.

“Ask and thou shall receive. Knock and the door shall open” – this is the fundamental promise the Creator made to Creation, which He has always respected. God The Father immediately grants Supreme Divine Energies of His Spirit as an answer to our prayers.

The Art of Blessing allows us to receive the most valuable spiritual gifts. The energies the individual spirit Atman receives from God have a very high frequency of vibration; they make everything possible in the entire manifestation of spirit.

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