Yoga As A Lifestyle

Look & Feel Your Best
40 Classes Now through July!
Start this autumn with us for a new lifestyle with yoga and access the new webinars for a FREE orientation at The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineYoga Classes on 10th September, 18.30 EEST, and at The Opening Festivity for the Women’s LiveOnlineShakti Group on 13th September, 18.30 EEST, or join a class today!
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Benefit from our 16-years of experience with the LiveOnlineYoga platform of courses.
Yoga as a lifestyle in annual modules of live online classes every week.
Flexible schedule.
A 7-day valid replay link for each class.
Direct connection with your teacher and colleagues.
A FREE bonus of 2 classes.
Minimum 40 classes/ year.
Printed notes and additional materials for each class.
Private support group.
Access to the LiveOnlineYoga and LiveOnlineShakti previous webinars,
a total of 40 webinars per year, FREE of charge.
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September 7, 2021

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