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New Yoga Course in English, in Bucharest

The yoga course in English, in Bucharest, is held every Saturday, between 13:00-15:00, at the Obor yoga hall (Oteșani street, no. 16).

If you have questions regarding the course, call 0723.908.783 or visit the Facebook page Yoga Courses in English in Bucharest.

This yoga course is for people completely new to the spiritual path and includes, amongst many other elements, Hatha Yoga, esoteric knowledge about the chakras, meditation, yogic detoxification techniques, etc.
It is a weekly course, and each time you will receive theory, as well as practice yoga under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

Through yoga you can, amongst others, obtain:
- health and happiness
- elimination of stress and tiredness
- a dynamic and efficient state of being
- self-realization
- activation of latent paranormal states

The yoga course includes:
Hatha yoga - the physical exercies of the yoga system
Raja yoga - fusion with the macrocosmic through the power of the mind
Karma yoga - the yoga of action
Bhakti yoga - the yoga of devotion towards the Divine
Laya yoga - fusion with the absolute through subtle energies
Mantra yoga - fusion with beneficial states through a mantra
Kundalini yoga - the yoga of awakening the enormous energetic potential of the human being
Yantra yoga - the yoga of telepathically fusing with beneficial universal energies


October 10, 2016