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A few ideas and aphorisms about love, as it is seen and understood by the millenary yogic wisdom, and…


Consciousness – the essential identity of the being

- Glossary term - by yoga teacher emeritus Gregorian Bivolaru The nature of consciousness has been a major philosophical issue through the history of the millenary yoga system. Many yoga schools are fully in agreement with the idea of the transcendent character of consciousness, saying that it is not a product of the mind-body group and even less…
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Brian Gerrish’s testimony to Reiner Füllmich: Our oppressors are very frightened people (II)

On 28 May 2021, Brian Gerrish gave evidence to the 54th session of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss, the German-based extraparliamentary inquiry by lawyers into the medical establishment’s and public policymakers’ handling of the Covid crisis internationally. The theme for the day during the 54th session was “Caught between nudging and side…

Multiple Personality Disorder – Findings seem to show how little we understand about the consciousness-body link

When Timmy drinks orange juice he has no problem. But Timmy is just one of close to a dozen personalities who alternate control over a patient with multiple personality disorder. And if those other personalities drink orange juice, the result is a case of hives. The hives will occur even if Timmy drinks orange juice and another…

Astaxanthin shown to slow brain aging

Story at-a-glance: • Based on past studies, researchers identified multiple pathways, including an increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), by which astaxanthin may slow brain aging • Multiple studies also find astaxanthin benefits your vision, skin and heart health, and has antitumor effects • Astaxanthin is called the…

New study says writing by hand makes kids smarter

New brain research shows that writing by hand helps children learn more and remember better. At the same time, schools are becoming more and more digital, and a European survey shows that Norwegian children spend the most time online of 19 countries in the EU. Typing, clicking and watching occupy an increasing number of hours in the…

Vaccine billionaires and human guinea pigs

How do you make a potentially dangerous and ineffective drug appear like a miracle of modern science? You could, for instance, enroll only certain people in clinical trials and exclude others or bring the study to a close as soon as you see a spike in the data that implies evidence of effectiveness. There are many ways to do it.…

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