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Very important announcement regarding the Krishna 2 initiation

The persons who have not participated neither in the lectures within KRISHNA SPECIAL INITIATION (Krishna 2) during the Yoga Spiritual Holiday Camp Costineşti 2014, nor in the rehearings that had been scheduled  on March 21, 2015, will have their passes which allow participation in this initiation canceled definitively unless they will keep up with the lectures during the Costineşti 2015 camp.

All the lectures of Krishna 2 special initiation have been scheduled on August 3-10, 2015 and on August 22-30, 2015.

Furthermore, for the ones in this situation, yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru conveyed the following message: „Is this your spiritual aspiration and your gratitude for being offered, for free, the chance to listen to these lectures?”
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August 2015