Beware of the Banksters: Three Banking Syndicates Want to Enslave You (II)


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Wall Street Brokers Are Part of the Broker Banker Syndicate

When you give your money to a broker to invest on the New York Stock Exchange, the money is no longer yours. The New York Stock Exchange: Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), like all exchanges, are private corporations that self-regulate themselves. They are not owned by the government and the government admits that the Fed, Treasury, SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission), FBI and other governmental agencies cannot control what happens on the stock market (or the commodities or derivatives markets).

The government supports this Wall Street scam by enticing citizens to use 401ks (the US plan that is the tax-qualified, defined-contribution pension account defined in subsection 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code. Under the plan, retirement savings contributions are provided by an employer, deducted from the employee’s paycheck before taxation, and limited to a maximum pre-tax annual contribution of $18,000) and IRAs (individual retirement account – a form of “individual retirement plan” provided by many financial institutions, that provides tax advantages for retirement savings in the United States). Using the tax deduction carrots, the government encourages people to invest their retirement savings in the speculative stock market. These exchanges are “clubs” that a broker must be a member of to participate. These exchanges make their own rules, clear their own trades, control the computers that all exchanges are made on, and, in effect, owns every stock, bond, note or mortgage that is traded on their exchange.

The NYSE:ICE actually signs over to a sister company (Cede & Co) the ownership of all stocks that are being traded on the exchange. Only when the stock is sold does the stock (bond, note, mortgage etc.) actually come back to the broker, and then from the broker to the buyer.

Key point: the entire time your money is being employed in stock exchanges, it does not belong to you, and if the private corporation of the NYSE:ICE goes bankrupt, you can stand in line with all other creditors to see what, if any, you will get back from your investment.

Where do you have your money and retirement savings invested? Banks? Stock markets? How much of these investments are you prepared to lose?

Computer Trading Dominates the Broker Banker Game

The economic terrorist clubs called exchanges were not satisfied with charging people for investing alone, they wanted much greater profit. So they created the gambling tools they call terms that the average investor doesn’t understand: puts and calls, long and short buying, credit default swaps, buying notional gold, futures, and other forms of insane gambling with specialized names. After a while, the exchanges found that computer-driven-trading could dominate the market.

High speed traders who placed billions of dollars in holding with the exchanges were able to analyze trends and robo-trade at super high speeds leaving all other investors to scrambling for the fallen crumbs. These traders can make 40% return on investment and now control the stock and commodity markets.

Broker bankers and Wall Street brokers were not satisfied with the small change of trading $18 trillion a year on exchanges. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which owns the NYSE, said recently that they are considering selling the NYSE because it is not as profitable as their other businesses (the NYSE:ICE only made $1.8 billion in 2015). What are these other more profitable businesses?

ICE owns the majority of exchanges in Europe and has a near monopoly on the derivative exchanges throughout the world. Over one quadrillion in credit default swaps (derivatives) are held by ICE. Remember that it was only banks who wrote insurance policies on credit default events to begin with. Now, derivatives are the largest tool for economic terrorism in economics. Just like the phony-baloney sub-prime mortgage securities that caused the real estate bubble to burst, derivatives will break the back of the markets and bring all banks, central banks included, to bankruptcy.

Fiat currencies will collapse worldwide when the derivative market implodes. This implosion has almost happened twice, but the Bank of International Settlements stepped in and manipulated the clearing of the swap with other market manipulation to avert a world-wide crisis. It will only take one single bad “bet” by a bank to collapse that bank, and then the dominoes all start to fall.

Key point: if your bank is failing because they can’t pay off derivative bets it made, and the government refuses or cannot to bail them out, under a mandate titled Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution, approved on November 16, 2014, by the G20’s Financial Stability Board, a bank can take your deposited money and turn it into shares of equity capital to try and keep the bank from failing. You will be last in line to get your money. You can thank your legislators for this lovely piece of legislation in the 2010Dodd-Frank law.

The apocalypse of the Broker Bankers is upon the American people and the personal greed of these terrorist bankers is unending. Unlike the Central Bankers who play a long-game for their progeny, the Broker Bankers do not have a financial plan for the future. They are just greedy – here and now.

Broker Bankers have no allegiance to God or country and they care nothing for those they trample under foot. All they need is for one really good billion-dollar swap to pay off. They don’t care if it collapses banks or countries. They all want to be George Soros, with the power and money to destroy countries and then brag about it to the world-wide media. In fact, Soros was an agent of Rothschild up until Bush Senior used him and Leo Wanta to collapse the Russian economy. Soros was taken in and trained by CIA Bankers and now is a rogue agent of the central banking cartel. Soros and Broker Bankers thrive on chaos because they have the money to buy what resources are left after economic Armageddon. In the chaos, opportunists like Soros gamble with the future of nations.

But here is what the Broker Bankers don’t fully understand: They will be undermined by another group of bankers – the CIA Bankers. While they are being selfish and walking away with billions in their derivative Ponzi scheme, the CIA Bankers are fixing the markets and controlling currencies and the world economy.

Both Central Bankers and Broker Bankers are aware of “other outside forces” that seem to be controlling the markets, currencies, and the world economy. Just like Central Bankers, Broker Bankers know that there are “criminal banking enterprises” that seem to be able to manipulate the markets and keep certain currencies protected. These bankers know that a great deal of gold is missing and that tremendous efforts are being used to launder that gold into world economies. But who is behind these machinations and economic terrorism that even has the Central Bankers and Broker Bankers confused and worried?

CIA Bankers Launder Stolen Gold to Take Control Over World Economies

When the OSS/CIA was created after the World War II, its principle job was to stabilize war-ridden economies and recover all of the assets of the countries defeated in the war. It must have been a great surprise for the CIA to find that the Nazi gold that was stolen from every country it conquered was still being held by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements – an international financial institution owned by central banks, which “fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks”) and other Swiss banks. The rumors of the amount of this gold is grand, and we know that some small part of it came back to the Jews who sued these banks for the gold taken by the Nazis.

Through truly underhanded dealings of the CIA, some of that gold was confiscated, but could not be admitted openly. This gold treasure was added to the Yamashita gold treasure that the Japanese confiscated from China and other Eastern nations during the war. This gold was hidden in the Philippines and came under the control of Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos spirited some of this gold away to Swiss banks, but the majority of it was confiscated by the CIA and was added to the gold taken from many, many nations. Later, George Bush Senior would add the gold of Russia and Spain to this stockpile. In the end, no one person really knows how much gold the CIA accumulated but it was clear they needed to become bankers to launder this gold into money to support their nefarious plans for world domination.

The CIA took the stolen gold and opened many companies, some say as many as 3,000 separate companies, including banks. Riggs Bank, run by Bush Senior’s brother, was the CIA bank that helped restructure the Russia’s economy at the same time it was stripping its assets. The CIA was so desperate to launder the newly stolen Russian gold, as well as the war-gold it already had in its possession, that it set up the second largest producing gold mine in the world at a mine that was already depleted of any in-ground gold.

Barrick Gold Corporation quickly became the largest writer of notional gold notes in the world under the leadership of Bush Senior just after he ended his presidency. Bush Senior, prior CIA Director, also ran the oil cartel that started the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and many other countries. Bush was very good at leading CIA economic terrorism and was one of the central people involved in gold laundering. Barrick is a dummy corporation founded by Saudi intelligence agents (directors) along with Bush and his criminal oil cartel that brought us the Iran/Contra scandal, the BCCI banking scandal, the Afghani war, the Iraq war, Al Qaeda, and many other equally evil terrorist false flag attacks.

Key point: 9/11 was a false flag event used to hide evidence of stolen gold from the CIA Bankers, led by George Bush, Sr.

The CIA Bankers found it very difficult to bring this stolen gold into the economy without creating a complete collapse of the gold market, which could possibly collapse other markets and currencies. The CIA Bankers placed a great deal of the gold in Zurich in a private holding vault that doesn’t list names and is not subject to offshore banking laws. There are numerous criminal banks that tried to launder the CIA gold: UBS, HBSC, J. P. Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of New York, Credit Suisse, and many others. Just look who runs the bank and you will know if it is complicit with knowing about and laundering CIA gold. Most of the central banks of America and Europe and the Vatican Bank network also hold portions of this stolen gold.

The stolen CIA gold was also used as venture capital for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and In-Q-Tel companies that have risen to fantastic wealth overnight, like: Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet, Apple, and others. Venture capital seems to be endless for DARPA/In-Q-Tel start- ups. Often, within a few years, the super successful new company is worth billions and seems to have endless billions to buy up any company that is a competitor. This venture capital is usually laundered through CIA complicit banks and brokers. 
The CIA’s business plan is straightforward: conquer all competition and kill anyone who gets in the way. The CIA needs many companies through which it can launder its enormous gold-holdings. One such company, Blackstone, is one of the largest investment corporations in the world and has a dozen holding companies and other shells that launder money back and forth until no one knows where the money comes from or where it goes. CIA companies like these started popping up everywhere, especially as offshore corporations that launder money for other criminals.

Soon, the CIA companies were making so much money that they had to diversify. Many spin off companies have come into existence all of which we outline in our articles on the military-industrial complex.

For example, Blackstone, and other CIA companies are top shareholders in the corporations that get the majority of government military contracts. These CIA companies are shareholders in many Fortune 500 companies. It is also very interesting that the same CIA agents, or CIA trained operatives, play musical chairs between these companies, their criminal banks, and the governmental agencies tasked to monitor these corporations and banks. It is shocking to see a CIA banker go from the Bank of New York to the SEC, and then to Deutsche Bank, and then to the Bank of International Settlements, and on and on.

Every time one of these bankers or criminals gets caught, the bank or corporation is fined and there is no jail time for the people who committed the crimes. Then, the director (the criminal responsible for the crimes) usually moves to another position in another CIA tainted economic power position and continues to commit more crimes. Round and round the mulberry bush the CIA Bankers go – and hardly a single one of them is trained in economics or qualified to run a bank or corporation. The CIA is the ultimate insider trading group, which far exceeds the capacity of the Central Banker’s Knights of Malta to gather international intel. It doesn’t matter in what country these banks or corporations are located, the CIA operatives are accepted world-wide.

One might ask many questions at this point: why would foreign countries let past CIA Directors and CIA operatives take control of the country’s largest banks? Why would foreigners be allowed to work in the U. S. Treasury Department? Why is the current head of the FBI, James Comey, for example, a former board member of HSBC, a criminal bank now revealed as an international drug money clearing house? Are you beginning to connect the dots?

The CIA laundered their gold through many criminal banks that were used as a holding places for the gold. Banks could use this gold in many ways, but essentially every criminal bank that accepted the gold was now part of the crime. That is why some American banks are “too big to go down”. That is why the complicit criminal banks that received CIA gold also host rotating CIA Bankers to maintain its dirty secrets. This is why these banks don’t mind paying billions in fines for gold fixing fraud cases and why no director of any of these criminal banks ever goes to prison for their crimes. They often get fantastic bonuses for simply navigating the bank through the latest fraud charges. Just look at the incident at Wells Fargo where the executive that oversaw the massive customer defrauding scheme left with a $124 milion retirement package.

What is the End Game for the CIA Bankers?

Whereas Central Bankers are happy if the United Nations takes over the world and creates one global central bank that they are in control of, the apocalyptic plans of CIA Bankers is to crash the economies of all countries and then use the CIA gold to create a new world currency run through one World Treasury. The Broker Bankers have no end game except party like it’s 1999.

The CIA doesn’t want the United Nations to be in control. CIA Bankers want one world government, but not one controlled by old world Central Bankers or the insane Broker Bankers. CIA Bankers want to be in control themselves as an elite oligarchy that controls the world by force and economics, not just the old methods of war economics established by Central Bankers. Like the Central Bankers, the CIA Bankers and corporations want a slave economy that they can control.

Key point: the CIA Bankers know that when the stolen gold holdings finally comes to light, all economies will collapse. This is why the CIA has infiltrated the U.S. Treasury and is in open warfare with the Federal Reserve and the central banking system of America and the world.

CIA Bankers don’t want a free market because it is the free market that keeps them from utilizing their gold openly. Therefore, the CIA infiltrated the Treasury and controls the markets and currency through the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) that is allowed to use the fiat money the Treasury prints and gives to the Federal Reserve to speculate, manipulate and control America’s economy. The ESF sets the money policy of the Federal Reserve and, in essence, controls the Fed. The 2016 printing of $ 4.5 trillion was spent by the Fed immediately, but no one was told how they spent it. It was the ESF that takes this worthless paper money and buys back Treasury bonds from China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. It is the ESF that buys and sells stocks on the NYSE:ICE to manipulate the market. And, remember that it is the Fed that controls banks and interest rates which indirectly controls the markets.

The Exchange Stabilization Fund is one of the major tools of the CIA in its continuing war of economic terrorism. Everything that the CIA is doing is perfectly legal and falls under the heading of “national security” and “economic warfare” which is in the hands of the president of the United States of America. Through Executive Orders, the working of counter-terrorism in the economic sphere is legal and the actions of the CIA condoned.

What is the End Game for These Banksters?

The good news is that the warlord banksters have now been identified and we can observe their wars with one another. Essentially, we can see the most powerfully evil forces on the planet, trying to annihilate each other. And this is why it can sometimes be confusing to the people. Just remember as you watch the political and economic landscape that there are three different banking factions. Two are battling with one another to become the global victor – the Central Bankers vs the CIA Bankers. And one, the Broker Bankers, are just trying to grab all they can for their personal greed. Once they do that, the Broker Bankers will probably align themselves with the global victor, if they haven’t caused the total collapse of the system first.

Nations cannot have peace as long as the warlord bankers and the military industrial complex are still making profits and have not been brought to justice. Central Bankers continue to try to create war, but it is now a global game of imperialism they are playing and they are outgunned. The CIA Bankers have as much gold as all of the gold reserves in all of the countries in the world. This means, ultimately, the CIA Bankers may win the war among bankers if the Broker Bankers don’t bring it all down immediately with their cavalier derivative swaps.

Key point: citizens around the world are waking up and realizing that all wars are banker wars.

Brokers know that “the house” ultimately wins and, in this case, the CIA aligned with the U. S. Treasury becomes the ultimate inside trader who will win the game.

The U. S. Treasury will eventually win this battle because America has the most gold reserves in the world, not counting the CIA gold. America is the military arm of CIA global economic terrorism. The CIA also uses many other agencies and groups to carry out their plans through intimidation and threats of prosecution from their friends at the SEC, CFTC, FBI, etc. No one is safe from the assassination policy of the CIA. Once an insider, always an insider. Thus, the CIA Bankers have either very loyal operatives, or dead former operatives.

CIA Bankers also use the IMF, World Bank, BIS and many other global organizations to carry their work into every country in the world. These organizations are used by the CIA Bankers, just like they use Central Bankers and manipulate Broker Bankers. In the end, the U. S. Treasury has supreme power over the U. S. economy and will win any economic war waged against America. The problem is that CIA Bankers don’t really work for America; they work for the CIA (the company) and are addicted to power, control and manipulation. These CIA Bankers did nothing to earn the gold they possess and they have done nothing with it except use it for themselves and their organization.

The U. S. economy will probably crash soon due to insane gambling on derivatives. This is probably a good thing in the long run. Once the “un-free markets” have shown themselves to have been a lie and simply nothing more than “gambling casinos” we can start again with truly free markets and a currency backed with precious metals.

Brave Patriots will need to step forward to demand the dismantling of the CIA and the shadow government, bringing the U.S. Treasury back into the control of the people. 

When the markets collapse, all gold in the world will have to be re-evaluated and re-assessed and the CIA gold will then be added to the total. This will give America a huge advantage in world markets and could create a stronger American currency backed by gold and precious metals. The paper fiat currency of the Fed can be burned in a trash heap along with the fake debt we “owe” to the Federal Reserve ($20 trillion). The Federal Reserve is a corporation and can go bankrupt – and should. The Treasury can take all of the Fed’s assets and add them to the people’s public assets. This will create a stronger America and once we have severed the links with globalist economic terrorists like the World Bank, WTO, IMF, BIS and other such criminal globalist enterprises, America can again become the “land of the free”.

What You Can Do at a Personal Level?

Needless to say, you need to spend some time researching these topics yourself so that you are prepared for the inevitable collapse of the world’s economic system as we know it. There are also recommendations in these articles that you may find in the alternative media, that if we all implement collectively, can not only protect our family’s wealth, but also collapse the fraudulent banking system – not into the hands of the banksters, but into the hands of the people.


March 10, 2017

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