Get Vaxxed Before Your Assisted Suicide OR ELSE!

Control-freak West spins out of control

False Flag Weekly News covers each week’s 30-odd noteworthy stories. Since each week’s news tends to be more depressing than the previous one’s, they pursue to end the show on a humorous note, hoping it will help the audience stay sane enough to survive seven more days and come back for more.

On November 28th (2022) leave-’em-laughing story was National Review’s In Germany, You Must Be Fully Vaxxed before Your Death by Assisted Suicide. That headline immediately struck as a minor masterpiece of absurdist gallows humor. (And yes, it’s an actual National Review news story, not a Babylon Bee parody.)

So why did the German authorities decide to make covid mRNA shots mandatory prerequisites for assisted suicide? They cannot have been worrying about suicidal patients infecting their Nazi doctors – I mean compassionate caregivers – with covid-19, since everyone agrees that the covid vaccines were never meant to stop transmission. Likewise the authorities cannot have been worried about the suicides experiencing severe covid, possibly even hospitalization or death, in the afterlife, since they don’t believe in an afterlife – and even if they did, covid wouldn’t be part of it. (Hell is too hot for the covid virus to replicate efficiently, and heaven is far too nice a place to host bioweaponized plagues.)

So what in the world were these people thinking? Did they invent the only-vaxxed-people-can-be-suicided rule for the warped amusement of National Review readers and False Flag Weekly News viewers?

I have, on rare occasions, entertained the solipsistic notion that the universe in general, and certain hilariously no-sense actions of my fellow humans in particular, might exist purely for the entertainment value of those of us with a sense of humor. But that theory doesn’t past the theological, philosophical, or empirical smell tests. So there has to be some real, serious reason for the German Reich’s suicide vaccination requirement.

After pondering the matter, it suddenly came to me: They’re control freaks! You need to be fully vaccinated to legally commit suicide in Germany not for any practical reason, but because both covid-19 vaccination and assisted suicide are symbolic expressions of pretending to be in control when in reality you obviously aren’t.

The covid pandemic and accompanying propaganda terrorized much of the population by intensifying an omnipresent baseline human emotion, fear-of-death.* The thought that one might more-or-less randomly contact an invisible virus and then sicken and die is disturbing, especially to people who believe they are entitled to retire comfortably at age 65 and spend a decade or two pillaging their IRA accounts and enjoying themselves before fading into oblivion. So in an effort to pretend they could do something to stop the pandemic, many people embraced the talismans proffered by their know-it-all authorities, including social isolation, face coverings, and finally mRNA shots.

It soon became clear that, just as the scientists had admitted, covid vaccines (like masks) don’t stop transmission. And it is gradually becoming equally clear that the vaccines’ cost-benefit profiles, in terms of their overall effects on health and mortality, are likewise dubious.

In a sane world, people would stop vaccinating. But the world seems to be far from sane. So what began as an allegedly rational medical intervention, has become an article of faith in the “almighty” authorities. The requirement to vaxx-up before your suicide is a purely elite’s requirement, not a scientific or medical one.

And assisted suicide itself, like the vaccine, is a sacred rite of the control-freak elites. Most traditional cultures have frowned on suicide, seeing it as an arrogant imposition of human will signifying lack of faith in Godly providence. But today’s control freak ideology, a.k.a. secular materialist scientistic progressivist humanism, is nothing if not an apotheosis of human arrogance whose central tenet is “God isn’t in control, we are.” Even death, that ultimate experience of not-being-in-control, has to be brought under their control. So you fill out the paperwork, make sure you have been vaccinated, and let the Nazi doctors – I mean, the compassionate caregivers – administer your last rites.

Even covid heretics, who tend to be much saner than the true believers, are prey to the illusions of their control-freak culture. For just as the true believers fear they might keel over suddenly if they don’t get the jab, the heretics suspect that the only people who have ever “died suddenly” are those who do get the jab.

Now I am not saying the “died suddenly” folks are entirely wrong. Given the 30%+ increase in overall working-age mortality since the covid vaccine rollout, and the seeming increase in athletes dropping dead on the playing field, it is entirely possible that the notion of “sudden death overtime” will take on an entirely new meaning.

Post-Christian Western culture is built on the illusion of control. In the past, it was widely assumed that we are in God’s hands and could easily enjoy or suffer gratuitous reversals of fortune at any moment. But over the past 500 years or so, runaway technology gradually built up an illusion of human control. That historical quest to be in control, and its accompanying ideology, has, paradoxically, spun completely out of control. Symptoms of out-of-control Control Freakism include “you-control-which-gender-you-are-by-saying-so,” transhumanism, the unleashing of artificial intelligence, the approaching Singularity, and the German vaccination requirement for assisted suicide.

By seeking total control, humanity is courting its own destruction. Our species is vaccinating itself with all kinds of techno-talismans: desperate attempts to achieve ever-greater levels of control spin off into inevitable loss of control and finally planetary suicide.

*Terror management theory makes much of this omnipresent fear-of-death and its psychological and cultural effects.

Author: Kevin Barrett


January 28, 2023



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