Here are seven aphorisms which are offered to you, women, by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru on the occasion of the 8th of March


Intense and profound love that is lived without measure is, at the same time indescribable aspiration to elevate ourselves towards God so that we can embrace Him. It allows us to hope that in this way it will also become possible for us to ecstatically contemplate the godly beauty.

Godly Beauty is and remains for ever an extraordinary value, no matter the object or being in which it is present. It becomes a sublime catalyst and an essential dynamic value only when it awakes and exalts the soul, allowing it to trigger within the soul a process of occult resonance which brings about the appearance of a sublime corresponding emotional state. In this way, divine beauty helps us discover and assimilate certain divine values which are very important to us.

Beauty full of  kindness, affection, good-will, humbleness, harmony, humour, candour, spontaneity, playfulness and lack of inhibitions is the promise of happiness.

The mysterious and charming beauty of the human beings, when it exists and reveals itself in a euphoric way, makes something sublime blossom within the soul and consciousness of the one who admires it.

 Perfect beauty is one of the euphoric and enigmatic manifestations that help us gain the intuition of its Creator and thus discover Him within our own inner universe.

There exists, without a doubt, frantic love that is constant and manifested without measure, but such love – very special indeed – is, one might say, sealed by the touching proves of such love, which we provide every time (at the right moment).

 To love means that we constantly offer to the being of the opposite sex whom we adore, waves of the sublime energy of love and moreover, it means that we are capable to fully offer our very own self.

March, 2014

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