How transforming your thoughts transforms your life

How many thoughts do you have every day? How many of these thoughts are ones you are consciously aware of? How many of them are helpful to you or others? How many of them are harmful? Taking this path of self-inquiry can help you perform a “thought audit” where you assess whether your current life circumstances are being improved or worsened by your thoughts.

Self-responsibility is the mark of an evolved person who takes ownership of the way they feel and what they experience. Your thoughts are the next powerful form of energy in the multiverse, after the spirit’s which is the greatest. Thoughts can create something from nothing, which is a remarkable feat when you think about it. Everything you see in the world that is both tangible and intangible emerged out of thoughts. You can also expand this out on a macrocosmic scale and say that the Earth, solar system, galaxy, universe, and multidimensional multiverse were also created thanks to conscious creative thoughts.

The famous Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda once said, “Since you alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can transform them.” This understanding of self-responsibility holds the power to transform both how you feel and what you experience. Every thought you have is either bringing you closer to something helpful or harmful.

Rather than this being something terrible, it’s actually extraordinary and remarkable. It means that the power is completely within you to experience life the exact way you want to. Reality is amazingly malleable, and you have quite a lot of say on what you experience.

Think of yourself as being a magnet. In fact, your body is a massive electromagnet, with your heart and brain being the two largest electromagnetic fields within your toroidal energy system. By being a magnet, you are attracting your experience by whatever your dominant thoughts are. Resonance is a fundamental dynamic of Reality, and there is always a push for aspects to get into resonance with one another. That is why if you are angry for an extended period of time, you will find resonance with other elements and aspects of reality (people, environments, health, etc.) that resonate at the sort of energy that state of consciousness matches most closely. You will attract whatever is in harmony with the most dominant thoughts you have.

Your thoughts are magic formulas

Treat your thoughts as if they were formulas of magic, replicating in the real world from the garden of your consciousness. You are the magician who can cast magic words that benefit you and others, or become a sorcerer who casts spells that harm you or others. Getting more aware about what thoughts are emerging in your consciousness will help you have more control over your reality.

Anything we experience in life is something we tend to categorize as being either good or bad. However, as with the ancient Chinese parable of the old man who lost his horse and in the end this proved to be for his very best, this is a judgment we make that does not necessarily reflect the truth. Something that may occur to us may seem “bad” but it actually leads to something that we then see as being very good. The opposite holds true as well. It is like in the Indian saying: “sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station”.

If we stay more centered and observe events that occur in our lives and the world from a more neutral heart space, we can avoid adding creative thought energy to something, which makes it bigger, before we deeply understand what the best use of our thoughts is.

An ancient Greek stoic philosopher named Epictetus once said, “We are disturbed not by what occurs to us, but by our thoughts about what occurs.” This is very true, and you probably have seen that in your life. A situation may appear good or bad, but it may actually result in a different outcome. If it does, we will see that we helped co-create something that was worse for us because we were in a reactive state and used our thoughts to attract something we later realized wasn’t for the best. Fear-based thoughts often lead to that sort of outcome.

Transform your thoughts and you transform your life. Stay centered and observe the world with detachment and awareness. In this state you are better equipped to use your thoughts in a more helpful way. Realize the extraordinary power you hold and wield it for the good of you and of all.


January 22, 2022


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